Applied Innovation

We are certainly living in interesting times! Never before has change been so rapid, competition so fierce and customer experience so important. Some may look at this as scary, but we see it as a real opportunity. There are incredible growth opportunities surrounding every organisation but they are also difficult to uncover.

The Applied Innovation course has been developed to help you to creatively identify, decode, shape and transform new growth opportunities. It is delivered by expert innovators who have created radically innovative, award winning products, services, processes and business models. It has itself been designed to help you look at your world through an opportunity lens and give you the tools and methods to iterate, test and validate ideas into existence.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anybody looking to bring innovation and change to their organisation or to improve their strategic decision making.

Attendees are a mix of C-suite, HR, R&D, marketing, engineering, sales, training, product development, and innovation practitioners. Everybody in an organisation has the potential to contribute. This process is applicable to all sectors of industry incl.; public, private, from health, to finance and technology to social.

Course Overview

This course will allow you to learn through brilliant and immediately actionable theory and a real life project.


  • How to audit your organisation and prioritise strategic direction. Before you start an innovation project you must first establish a broad direction with a big opportunity. Here we introduce a number of simple but very effective methods to inform the strategic direction.
  • Pre-research - Target the right groups to gather actionable insights. To identify opportunities you must ask the right questions of the right people. Understand who to prioritise.
  • User centered research. Learn how to extract actionable insights on which to build innovations.


  • Pre-ideation - reframe the brief. Synthesise research findings so they are actionable and aligned with your strategy. Craft a document that promotes creativity.
  • Brainstorm. An introduction to best practice methodologies.


  • Pre-validation - refine and prepare concepts. Construct a complete solutions and wrap in a business model.
  • Validation & assumption testing. Every solution has implicit assumptions. In order to manage risk we must establish what these are and test against market realities to predict the likely success of failure of the innovation.
  • Test - Fail early to succeed sooner. Here we share methodologies of simple prototyping (MVP) to assess the core value proposition. Learn how to how to create MVPs for different categories of innovation; product, (digital & physical), process, service or business model.

Key Outcomes

  • Design your next competitive advantage
  • Strengthen your position in the market and the sustainability of your business
  • Identify and exploit uncontested market space
  • Learn a repeatable toolkit and process
  • Harness the creative potential of employees


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