Assertiveness Skills

Want to be become a better communicator and increase your confidence? This practical course aims to increase the participants’ levels of Assertiveness Skills in their personal and professional lives. By introducing you to a range of personal effectiveness theories and models, participants will have the opportunity to assess yourself and develop an action plan for performance improvement.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anybody who wants to improve their communication skills and apply assertiveness in both their business and personal lives.

Course Overview

  • Examining effectiveness
  • Identifying difficult situations
  • Recognising different behaviour and considering different behavioural options
  • Considering verbal and non-verbal behaviour
  • Considering the choices we make when dealing with different situations and extending our range

Key Outcomes

  • Improved assertiveness skills
  • Increased confidence in the ability to make decisions
  • Developed techniques to enhance communications and effectiveness
  • Mechanism for dealing with with criticism, anger and conflict
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