MSc in Executive Leadership

This Business Masters is designed and delivered by Ulster University. The collective performance of people is the primary business driver in today’s complex and competitive business environment.

High performance organisations recognise the critical importance of leadership. It is the key to unlocking human potential. It is the means by which organisations secure and maintain their competitive edge. It is the means by which they create and capture value.

Great leadership is at the heart and soul of great organisations.

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Who should attend this Business Masters?

The MSc in Executive Leadership is targeted at senior executives in a leadership role within their organisation. Typically participants will have significant budgetary and/or people management experience gained over at least 5 years in a senior managerial role. Applicants will normally hold a degree or equivalent professional qualification.

Exceptionally however, consideration will be given to those who can demonstrate a recognised track record in the practice of management. This Business Masters will also be of interest to organisations addressing succession planning issues at a senior level.


This Business Masters is accredited by Ulster UniversityBusiness Masters in association with Boston College


Course Structure and Content
This 2 year Business Masters, part-time strategic development initiative is structured around 7 modules each lasting 3 days and one 5 day module is delivered at the Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management, Boston College. All other modules are delivered at The Executive Suite, Irish Times Training, Dublin. Induction and Graduation will take place at the  Ulster University, Jordanstown Campus.

Course Structure and Content

Module 1 - Creating the Future

  • Auditing and assessing organisational competence
  • Change Leadership
  • Assessing the current environment, forecasting and scenario planning

Module 2 - Leadership for the Future

  • Exploring the IQ and EQ components of leadership
  • Assessing individual leadership capability
  • Creating and implementing a personal leadership agenda

Module 3 - Business Excellence and Organisational Development

  • Business process improvement
  • Business excellence models and methodologies
  • Organisation development and innovation

Module 4 - Best Practice Study Visit, Boston College, USA

  • Leading-edge management and leadership theory and practice
  • Marketing and customer relationship management
  • Company visits hosted by senior executives from leading organisations
  • International networking at the highest business levels

Module 5 - Coaching and Mentoring

  • The principles of coaching
  • The context of coaching
  • History of mentoring
  • Coaching and practice

Module 6 - Corporate Governance and Business Ethics 

  • The roles and responsibilities of the Board and the Executive
  • Legal structures and values-based principles for good corporate governance
  • Ethical approaches to conducting business
  • Corporate social responsibility

Module 7 - Strategic Financial Management

  • Identifying and achieving financial objectives
  • Analysing, appraising and interpreting financial reports
  • Management accounting
  • Performance measurement frameworks

Module 8 - Research Methods

  • Defining the business improvement research agenda
  • Evaluating a range of research methodologies and problem solving techniques
  • Conducting a literature review and executing an empirical research study

Dissertation - Major In-Company Management Project

  • Applying knowledge and skills acquired during the course
  • Initiating and assessing the impact of an applied organisational development strategy


Assessment for this Business Masters is by a company-based assignment at the end of each module. On successful completion of all eight modules participants will be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Leadership.

Those who go on to complete the dissertation will be awarded the MSc in Executive Leadership.

Location: Irish Times Training, The Irish Times Building, 24 - 28 Tara Street, Dublin 2


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