Dealing with the Media

Covering Print, Radio, and Television, this one day course will equip you with all the skills required to strategically plan and deliver your public relations interactions effectively. The purpose of Dealing with the Media is, to show the individual how to identify their message, target their audience, use each interview as part of their overall communications strategy and maximise press coverage.

Course Benefits

  • Match your message to your audience
  • Understand how the media industry works regionally and nationally
  • Write an effective press release
  • Pitch your ideas and secure an interview
  • Communicate effectively in print, live and pre-recorded broadcast interviews.
  • Create a sound bite
  • Interviewing methods to stay ahead of all journalistic approaches
  • Run a photocall and understand the power of the visual
  • Be above all understandable, memorable and quotable
  • Deliver with confidence to sell your message and business organisation

You'll soon be speaking with success!

*Delegates will need to prepare a 3-5 minute interview for this course. It can be based on a media worthy topic of your choice or a business/organisation you represent.

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