Design Thinking Masterclass

Design Thinking

This Masterclass has been designed to help you to kill bad projects early, and find unmet customer needs and frustrations. You will discover how to develop your service or product for a better customer experience.

You will learn by action, applying the Design Thinking process to a real project. This hands-on experience will help you apply Design Thinking inside your own organisation.

"The course was excellent from beginning to end. Really brought the topic to light and Johnny was a great facilitator who had a nice relaxed style but kept everything on track."
- July 2015 Delegate

Build your network
This Masterclass has been designed to help you build a network of likeminded innovators. The learning by action approach means that participants get to know each other as collaborators.

Who this is for
You do not need to be a designer or an engineer. This is for everyone. Attendees are a mix of HR, C-suite, R&D, marketing, engineering, sales, training, product development, and innovation practitioners. They come from sectors as broad as FMCG, advertising, charity, and consulting.

Who is leading the Design Thinking course?
The instructor is Dr Johnny Ryan, CEO of and previous Executive Director of The Innovation Academy at UCD and Chief Innovation Officer at The Irish Times.  He has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and was an associate on the emerging digital environment at the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge from 2011-14. His most recent book is on the reading list at Harvard and Stanford. His writing on innovation has appeared in BusinessWeek, Fortune as well as The Irish Times.

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