Diploma in Digital Marketing (Bootcamp)

The Diploma in Digital Marketing (Bootcamp) is delivered over 12 modules across 6 consecutive Fridays. The programme is delivered by industry experts to give you a greater understanding of the constantly evolving space that is Digital and will equip you with informed techniques and tools that can be implemented immediately. This programme is run in association with the Irish Internet Association (IIA).

Who Should Attend?

  • A marketing practitioner interested in developing a focused Digital Strategy that can be used to inform and implement a Digital Marketing Plan for yourself, your company and/or client.
  • The business owner/manager who wants to learn about how Digital Marketing can be used for their company and/or to be able to have an informed conversation with their website or marketing consultants.
  • Anyone looking to earn a Digital Marketing qualification. There is the option to earn a QQI (formerly FETAC) Level 5 Minor Award on completion of a collection of work (see QQI Certification below). 


All modules will be delivered over 6 consecutive Fridays, 9.30am - 4.30pm. This programme is also delivered in an evening format - please see Diploma in Digital Marketing (Evening).


Module 1 – Digital Marketing Strategy
This foundation module examines how digital has changed relationships between businesses and customers. Setting the scene for the programme, it examines current trends and how digital affects strategy. Using examples of the best (and worst) global practice, it concludes by introducing a scorecard system.

Module 2 – Google AdWords / Pay per click Ads
In this session you’ll see how to set up effective AdWords campaigns that will increase your click-through rates. You’ll also learn what’s involved in ongoing AdWord campaign management, setting budgets and also how to write compelling advertising copy.

Module 3 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
This module will demonstrate how to use SEO to drive customers to your site, while improving your search engine rankings and how to maximise your conversion rates. You’ll also examine how to maintain and improve your sites visibility using transparent and trusted methods.

Module 4 – Online Video
It’s all about the visuals in this module and how best to create an online community, increase brand awareness and enhance click through and response rates. Using video as a medium you’ll explore how to create, edit and distribute content. You’ll also examine its potential impact, and review case studies to show how seeded and viral videos can be most effectively used. You’ll discuss the best channels for distribution and how best to achieve maximum returns. Additionally, as broadband speeds improve, you’ll look at what lies ahead for video.

Module 5 – Writing for Digital
This is a very hands on session. You’ll work on developing skills necessary to express yourself effectively online. The differences between writing for digital as opposed to print media will be highlighted. In a very engaging way how best to present Digital Marketing content in order to attract and convert visitors will be illustrated.

Module 6 – e-Marketing and Lead Generation
In this session you’ll gain an understanding of how permission-based e-marketing is integral to Digital Marketing. It will also demonstrate how you utilise campaigns to increase customer reach and sales. Alongside this you’ll find out how to write, time and test a campaign which will also highlight the implications of data protection.

Module 7 – Web Analytics
This is a practical, interactive module that will give you valuable insight into web analytics while showing you how to draw actionable conclusions from the data you collect. It will show you how to use this information to improve the site's design and optimise it to increase traffic. Throughout you’ll be encouraged to identify aspects of your site that need to be improved, and begin to see how these improvements can be measured.

Module 8 - Data Protection and Cyber Security
This module will focus on the Data Protection and Cyber Security challenges and issues that Digital Marketing presents.

Modules 9 & 10 – Social Media and Your Online Brand:
In these modules you’ll learn how to leverage your company’s Social Media presence to generate more connections, build relationships and boost your bottom line. Both modules take an in-depth look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social networks, as well as the art of blogging and podcasting. They will also include case studies of Irish and global businesses effectively using social media to build customer communities and successfully manage their online brands.

Module 11 – Inbound Marketing
In this module you will look at the whole concept and theory around inbound and content marketing. How it compares to traditional methods and why it is so important. Using real time examples you learn how to integrate your inbound strategy and understand the Buyer Journey so that you serve the right information to the right person at the right time.

Module 12 – Online Advertising
Here you will learn how to plan an online advertising campaign and put together an overall strategy for display advertising. You’ll look at how to write a creative brief and determine the best media for your specific objectives. You’ll also be shown how to maximize your return on investment and how to budget effectively for your ad spend.

Please note order of modules is subject to change.

Our tutors are accomplished trainers and are expert in their field. They include:

Maeve Kneafsey, Hugh Jones, Conor Pope, Fiona Ashe, Sandra Hennessy, Felicity Mc Carthy, Evelyn Wolf and Jennifer O'Connell.


By the end of the programme, you’ll have a solid grounding in the field and be in a position to develop an informed and comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy for yourself, your company and/or client.

Irish Times Training & Irish Internet Association Diploma

Participants who attend a minimum of 10 modules will be awarded an Irish Times Training & Irish Internet Association Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing QQI (formerly FETAC) Qualification

If you wish to obtain the Digital Marketing Level 5 Minor Award (5N1364), you are required to complete a collection of work (5 practical assignments) during the course, in addition to a Digital Marketing plan (due 6 weeks after the completion of the course). Minimum attendance requirement is 10 modules. (QQI Accreditation Fee of €50 applicable).


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