Finance For Non-Financial Managers

In order to maximise their contribution to a business, all managers need to have a solid understanding of finance. This Finance For Non-Financial Managers course is suitable for managers and executives with responsibility for managing budgets, company directors with limited or no financial background or entrepreneurs with little or no previous financial experience.

The aim of this course is to give managers from a non-financial background the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the basic principles of business finance and become more confident in addressing matters of a financial nature. Private individuals who want to learn more about business finance will also benefit from taking part.

The course is open and flexible to suit the audience requirements, accounts and information sheets will be provided along with a contextual analysis of recent financial news and topical subjects. The course is also presented in a non-technical fashion.

In preparation for the course, participants should consider if there are any recurring topicsissues they have with finance that they would like to have a better understanding of.

“The course really brought accounting to life in a very practical and useful way.”

Course Benefits

By the end of this two-day programme, participants will better understand:

  • The role of finance in business
  • Commonly used financial terminology
  • How to read financial statements
  • The role of finance in planning and decision making

Course Programme

Business and finance

  • The concept of risk and reward, business organisation and role of finance, development and growth of businesses

Understanding financial statements

  • Users of financial statements, accounting principles and financial reporting, basic book-keeping, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements

Financial management

  • Reading and interpreting financial statements, ratio analysis, breakeven analysis, cost accounting, working capital management and cash flow forecasting, gearing and equity and debt financing, finance raising, business valuations

Financial planning

  • The components of a good business plan, planning process, variance analysis, capital budgeting, role of finance in planning process

This course has been awarded 4 hours for QFAs, CPD members* (including Registered Stockbrokers), LCOIs and 12 hours for Chartered Bankers and Certified Bankers for 2016 by the Institute of Bankers Ireland.

CPD Accreditation Number - 2016-2276 

Title - Finance for Non-Financial Managers 2016 - The Irish Times

*The course is relevant to MCR CPD categories 3, 7 and 8.

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