Google Tag Manager

Learn by Doing…

This course is delivered by Antonie Geerts, a certified Google Analytics Consultant who implements Google Tag Manager solutions for numerous companys.

What are the benefits of Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager or GTM for short is measurement layer that can be added to any website or mobile application. With it you can add more items of tracking to your website to truly understand your potential customers, which helps with:

- Reducing bounce rates of your website
- Understanding how visitors engage with video content
- Getting visuals on data behind downloads such as. PDF’s or .DOC files
- Understanding sign-up flows for your forms and registrations

What will you learn?

The Google Tag Manager Course is developed to get a practical understanding of GTM. Students of the course will become confident in creating new Google Tag Manager accounts, applying different tracking methods and will apply different solutions to optimise tracking.

What is so practical about this course?

For this course we have developed a unique training platform where students can apply real time tag manager changes to their own assigned website. These websites are based on the WordPress CMS platform and contain a number of elements that could be tracked and are fully accessible to the students. You learn Google Tag Manager by doing.

What will be covered in this GTM Course?

- GTM – The Fundamentals
- Setting up a GTM Account
- Installing your GTM container using our student platform website
- Configuring Analytics tracking through Tag Manager
- Measurement of External Links, Documents and Files
- Custom measurement of interaction points (ie form submits)
- Event Tracking for Video
- Setup of Remarketing & Conversion tracking
- Goal measurement using Google Analytics

Anything else I should know?

You will receive a free copy of the “Practical Google Analytics & Tag Manager book”.

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