Inbound Marketing Programme

The Inbound Marketing Programme will lay the foundation of the inbound methodology and guide delegates through the process of building an inbound marketing campaign. Delegates will gain a comprehensive understanding of how inbound marketing best practices, resources and tools fit together and step-by-step learn how to build the framework of an inbound campaign and create the content assets needed to execute it successfully.

This programme goes beyond theory by actually having delegates develop their inbound strategy within the class framework. Set campaign goals, identify your buyer persona, structure content for blogging, SEO and social media, send effective emails, build a conversion path, measure & report on ROI.

Who Should Attend?

The Inbound Marketing Programme is designed specifically for professionals with existing digital marketing experience who are looking for a hands-on training experience that will show them how to achieve return on investment from applying inbound marketing to digital channels.


All modules will be delivered over 4 consecutive Fridays, 9.30am - 4.30pm.


Module 1 - Setting Goals for your Inbound Strategy
This introductory module starts with understanding the fundamentals of inbound marketing. It lays the foundation for each of the following modules on the course. The main focus for this module is to understand the importance of smart goal setting for organisations. At the end of this module students will be able to create short, medium and long term Inbound Marketing goals for their upcoming campaigns. Each of these will tie into the overall objectives for their own organisation.

Module 2 - Understanding Buyer Personas & the Buyer’s Journey
This module will introduce you to the concept of the Buyer Persona and put it in context with the Buyer’s Journey. You will be able to identify what happens as customers move through each stage and what content is most appropriate for their exact needs. This approach will help learners to focus their marketing efforts and provide structure to their inbound campaigns.

Module 3 - Best practices with Blogging & SEO
This session will help you to optimise your content so you can get more results from your blogging and SEO efforts. Learn how to craft compelling blogs that attract the right audience for your business. Understand how to create content clusters as the basis for your keyword strategy and optimise your on page SEO. Experience in blogging is not required for this module, however, it is expected that you have basic SEO knowledge.

Module 4 - Publishing & Monitoring on Social Media
This practical hands-on topic will help you to understand what social channels to best focus your efforts on. How frequently you should be using those channels and the type of content you should be publishing. We will also discuss the benefits of social listening and how to develop an effective promotional path for your content.

Module 5 - Building the Conversion Path
Develop the practical skills needed to effectively build a content offer for lead generation. Identify each of the steps needed and the best practices to implement them. This subject will help you to optimise your website for conversion. Examples will be given to help you plan and create your own conversion path.

Module 6 - Sending Effective Emails
In this module, you will learn how email can help you to promote content, generate leads for your business and delight your customers. You will gain a strong understanding of email best practices, how to improve open rates and click through rates as well as how to structure a subject line for best results. We will also touch on the hot topic of marketing automation and how you can achieve better results through it.

Module 7 - Sales & Marketing Alignment
This training will explain why sales and marketing alignment is so important for your organisation. Understand how to create a service level agreement to help each department to work together towards shared company goals. You will position marketing as a vital driver of organisational objectives.

Module 8 - Reporting & Measuring ROI
In this final module, you will understand how to create closed loop reporting to better report on your ROI. You will also learn how to step away from vanity metrics to using the right numbers to measure your inbound marketing efforts and showcase your success to your colleagues.


This course takes you beyond the theory of inbound marketing. Throughout the course, you will apply the learnings to your organisation and build an inbound marketing campaign that will be verified and ready to implement when you have completed the course. You will be able to bring value to your organisation’s marketing straight away!

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