Interviewee Skills – Preparing for your Interview

This course is designed to enhance your current interview skills, examining techniques to ensure proper interview preparation and increased personal effectiveness. By understanding the different possible elements to interviews and examining what interviewers are looking for, you can identify how your strengths and experience can meet the interview criteria.

This course will take you through the entire process, providing you with practical tips and guidelines to put into practice for future interviews. This is a very practical and participative course where participants will be provided with sample CV templates, interview questions and also be given the opportunity for mock interview skills practice.

Participants are required to bring along their current CV and job descriptions or person specifications they may have.

Course Programme

Section 1: Where and how to look for Jobs
Includes selling yourself, networking, online searches etc.

Section 2: Applying for a job – Getting an Interview
Understanding the Job Advertisement / Job Specification, Application Method

Section 3: Preparing for Interview
Researching for the Interview, Questioning, What is the Interviewer looking for?

Section 4: The Interview
Preparation for feeling confident, salary negotiation, follow-up techniques
Interpersonal Skills
Communication & Listening Skills
Presentation Skills for Interview
Understanding the most important aspects of making a Presentation
Basic PowerPoint slide design

What's Next?
Presentation Skills

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