Presentation Skills

Communicating ideas effectively to an audience is vital in any successful presentation. This comprehensive Presentation Skills course provides the answer. This is a highly practical course which involves the tutor video taping each participant. In turn each participant is given feedback on their individual presentation. This is a hugely beneficial part of the process of bolstering confidence of the presenter. The tutor also directs participants in relation to the key message(s) that the candidate is trying to communicate.

“This course exceeded my expectations and gave me areas to focus and improve on for the future.”

1) How to structure a highly effective presentation

  • Understanding your audience
  • Engaging your audience with a hook
  • Developing 3 key messages
  • Providing memorable evidence
  • Using language to create impact
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Developing the best visual aids


2) How to deliver a highly effective presentation

  • Building confidence
  • Managing nerves
  • Mastering the art of presence (Voice/ Body language)
  • Connecting with your audience

What's Next?
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