Time Management

The overall aim of this Time Management course is to deepen participants’ appreciation of time as a resource to be proactively managed and leveraged in order to achieve personal and business objectives more efficiently and effectively. Learn to successfully review, reorganise and adapt your time as a resource.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to manage their time more efficiently and effectively.

Course Overview

*Participants should bring details of their current task list and anticipated work commitments.

  • Getting started: the psychological frame
  • Key principles of time management
  • Identifying the different categories of time usage
  • Clarifying myths and definitions in the planning process
  • Prioritising, controlling and scheduling incoming tasks
  • Transforming tasks and analysing situations
  • Dealing with time thieves
  • Setting achievable goals and measurable targets
  • Communicating priorities and deadlines to teams

Key Outcomes

  • Identify ways to create and save time
  • Develop more effective organisational patterns
  • Identify your time management strengths and weaknesses
  • Clarify ways in which you can save and create time
  • Delegate more effectively to appropriate staff
  • Reduce or eliminate low-return tasks
  • Organise the workspace to assist your efficiency
  • Set measurable targets and devise realistic plans

What Past Participants Say...

“Tiernan made this class extremely enjoyable with his humour, wit and contagious personality. Feeling very inspired – roll on work tomorrow!”

“We were encouraged to participate and to adapt the theory to our real world applications in different fields.”

“Well planned, executed and delivered by a very affable character.”

“Trainer was excellent, extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable.”

"Very insightful and practical."

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