Understanding Investment Management

This two-day course is suitable for those working in the investment management & financial services industry who need to have an overview of asset management, management styles and how the different participants in the industry interact. It will also be of benefit to those individuals or companies providing services to the fund management industry.

The course explains the process of managing assets. It examines the instruments used in this process and explains how the participants interact with clients and with markets. It will give delegates a working knowledge of the major fund management terminology they are likely to encounter in their jobs.

On completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Define fund management, ‘who’s who’ in the marketplace and how market participants interact with each other
  • Chart the different types of funds as well as how they are used
  • Identify "Exchange Traded Funds" and why they are the fastest growing financial product in the world
  • Illustrate the difference between active and passive management
  • Explain alternative investment and how they differ with traditional funds
  • Understand the regulatory framework for investment management
  • Classify the financial instruments used by fund managers and their benefits
  • State the importance of performance measurement and the process of getting and keeping funds
  • Ascertain the challenges fund managers encounter and the ways in which they can be surmounted
  • Discuss the issues that the investment managers face today and in the future

Course Programme

  • Investment management and industry participants
  • Types of fund and their use
  • Active & passive investment
  • Tactical & strategic asset allocation
  • Alternative investments
  • Instruments used in asset management

This course has been awarded 6 hours for QFAs, CPD members* (including Registered Stockbrokers), LCOIs and 3 hours for Professional Bankers.

CPD Accreditation Number - 2017-0839

Title - Understanding Investment Markets 2017 - The Irish Times


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