Website Analytics

This 3 hour (half-day OR evening) course will give you a valuable insight into web analytics, show you how to collect data on your website and demonstrate how to draw actionable conclusions from the data. In this session you will look at the basic and advanced reporting functionality of Google Analytics and how you can use web analytics to develop a better web strategy for your company by making informed decisions, increasing conversions and measuring marketing performance.

Want to build on your existing knowledge? Get past the basic uses of Google Analytics with our two day Masterclass in Data Analytics.

Course Programme

  • Why are web analytics important
  • Why use Google Analytics, what is it and how does it work
  • How to set up Google Analytics, add websites to your account and use your Google Analytics Administration Account
  • Google Analytics Reporting; Basic reporting: audience overview, demographics, interests, location, audience behaviour, acquisition, keywords, SEO & Advanced reporting: segments, site speed, in-page analytics (overlaying stats & creating A/B test)
  • Understanding terminology; sessions, unique users, page views, new users, pages/visit, Visitor numbers, bounce rates, exit pages, conversions etc.
  • Conversions; find out what works and what doesn’t on your website. Creating goals in Google Analytics, setting targets against KPIs and optimising your website.
  • Different types of tracking (including e-commerce, event tracking, downloads and off-site clicks), adding tracking code to your website and third-party tracking

Upcoming Dates

Monday 15th April, 6-9pm

Friday 12th  April, 9.30am-12.30pm

Tuesday 4th December, 6-9pm

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