Our 2018 Digital Schedule

Irish Times Training are delighted to launch our 2018 Digital Schedule, with a range of classroom-based digital marketing programmes led by industry experts.

We have reviewed and updated our highly acclaimed Diploma in Digital Marketing based on industry trends ensuring that it meets the ever changing skill needs in this sector. The Alternatives MII Salary & Market Insights Survey 2017 describes what is needed as a “digitally-integrated cross-functional marketing department” with a customer-focus. Life for marketers used to be more straight forward. Reaching customers was easy if you were able to create a suitably compelling message based on identifying customer needs. Now marketers are required to build immersive experiences that engage consumers and seamlessly integrate a whole new range of skills and capabilities meaning that well-rounded digital marketers are in high demand.

These demands are reflected in the revised modules ensuring that students not only develop the key skills required in today’s digital environment, but also gain a deep understanding of who their customer is and how a digital marketing plan should support their organisations’ overall business objectives.

The Diploma in Digital Marketing will be available as an evening programme in Galway , Waterford  and Dublin, with the daytime “Bootcamp” format also available in Dublin.

Also new for 2018 is our Diploma in eCommercedelivered by leading eCommerce experts and designed to give you the tools and knowledge needed to plan, build, protect, manage & market  your online store presence.

Visit our Digital Programmes page for more information on these and all of our digital programmes or speak to one of the team on (01) 472 7101.

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