4 Digital Tools to Boost Your Creativeness, Effectiveness & Measurability

Want to take control of your digital presence? Here are 4 great tools to help you get more reach, plan your campaigns and measure your performance.


I Heart Canva! This is a great free online tool where you can design anything from social media graphics to vouchers & flyers. You can use the custom dimensions option (small box on top right-hand corner) to create an online ad or print design from scratch in the size you need (px or mm). You can then upload your own photos or use Canva stock photos (both free and paid), add colours, shapes, photo grids, graphs and more to create your own custom design. If you want to start with a design template, Canva has a number of pre-formatted templates (both free and paid) for social media posts, flyers etc. that you can choose from and then customise to suit your brand. If you want to upgrade to a paid package e.g. Canva for Work from as little as $12.95 per month, you will get access to premium features such as being able to resize existing designs and access to more photos, templates & illustrations.


Want to work on your social media platforms all in one place? Send multiple posts to different channels and schedule them to publish at a time that you choose? You need a social media management tool like Hootsuite. Add your social media channels to the account (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google+), setup your Dashboard and away you go! From the Hootsuite Dashboard, you can see your “streams” (scheduled posts, page/profile feed and notifications) side by side. This type of tool is ideal if you are planning a campaign across multiple platforms. There are number of third-party free and paid apps that you can install too, including a free Mailchimp app to share and track email marketing campaigns. Quick-start guide for Hootsuite: https://help.hootsuite.com/hc/en-us/articles/204598140-Quick-start-guide

Analytics Intelligence

Have you ever wanted to ask Google Analytics a simple (or not so simple) question? Now you can! For example – you ran a brand awareness campaign last month and want to see how many new Users visited your website compared to the previous month. Click on the “Intelligence” button in the top right-hand of your Analytics Dashboard and ask “How many visited a particular page from Facebook last week?” Analytics intelligence will give you an immediate answer and give you a link to go to the Report. Do you sell on your website and are you running a PPC campaign? Ask “Which paid search keywords convert the best?” Not only that – Analytics Intelligence will detect anomalies in performance e.g. when a particular page has a spike in activity and you will receive mobile notifications on the Google Analytics App!

Google Data Studio

Link Data Studio to your Google account for your website, add your website as your Data Source and get beautifully customised reports. If you are a metrics geek like me (I have an I <3 Spreadsheets mug to prove it!) this is the tool for you. You can choose Sample Reports to use as a template or create your own from scratch. You can insert all sorts of graphics and change the dimensions and metrics to give you the information you want and just change the date range month on month or week on week for reporting. When you want to share the report, you simply send an invitation to your client or manager with a URL link. At the moment there isn’t a standard PDF export but if your report isn’t too long, you can print page-by-page using the print shortcut on your computer.

Why Not?

  1. Design a Graphic on Canva
  2. Post Graphic to Facebook on Hootsuite with a Link to a Page on Your Website
  3. Ask Analytics Intelligence for Performance Statistics
  4. Produce a Stunning Report on Google Data Studio

Lesley Cobbe, 11 October 2017

Want to learn more? I am an alumni of ITT’s QQI accredited digital marketing course which started me on the path to becoming a Marketing Executive and I highly recommend this programme for anyone hoping to start a career in digital marketing. If you are already working in digital and want expert guidance on how to create, drive and measure campaigns more effectively, take a look at our hands-on Advanced Digital Marketing Workshop Series.

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