Be Productive by Developing New Skills


Last week we brought you our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Up-skill… This week we have asked Moira Dunne of to tell us why developing new skills has been so important for her.

To be productive in today’s world we need to be equipped for today’s challenges. When you think about it we can’t achieve this if we are relying on the same skills and knowledge we have used for years. Let me share my own experience…

On setting up my own business just over a year ago I jumped in and found the training and advice for the skills I needed and it has been the most rewarding, exciting and invigorating 12 months of my career. I have up-skilled in digital and social media marketing, website development, business networking, administration automation, email marketing and productive working patterns.

This is not a list of skills I expected to be developing at 54 years of age and I have not only increased my efficiency and productivity, I now feel equipped for the challenges that today’s business world presents. I am also optimistic that I can adapt to whatever changes are just around the corner. The unexpected bonus is that I can comfortably converse with business people of all ages, generations and areas of expertise.

So I encourage you to take a leap. Identify the new skills you would like to develop and go for it. Take it from me; you will be glad you did.

Wednesday 16 August 2017 | Moira Dunne,

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