Breakfast Seminar: Challenging Change – Controlling the Uncontrollable

WHEN: Wednesday 2 May 2018, 7.45am-9am

Join Medical and Psychology Coach Niamh Gaffney as she shares her tips and tricks on how to rediscover choices and regain control in the face of life’s many challenges.

With over 15 years senior corporate experience and almost 10 years’ experience in the psychological and coaching domain, Niamh Gaffney founded Directionality in response to the growing need for employee education and support in the area of mental and emotional challenges.

As one of 25 global medical coaches, Niamh also works with clients who are struggling to return to normal following traumatic life changes, and has notably achieved a number of national awards for her work with cancer survivors. Combining research driven training and solution-focused coaching, Directionality’s clients dramatically improve their mental and emotional fitness levels, allowing them to become more adept at managing the demands of an often-changing life.

This event has now ended. If you would like to get a flavour of the event, click on the button below to see just a few of Niamh’s tips for dealing with change.

About our Breakfast Seminars

Irish Times Training Breakfast Seminars are free of charge with topics ranging from Mastering Twitter with Conor PopeDriving results through Social Media with Felicity McCarthyManaging Stress in the workplace with Dr Anne Jeffers to Nutrition for Wellness with Gaye Godkin.

Our Breakfast Seminars are opportunities to network, to learn and to share. In addition to welcoming industry and academic experts to ITT to share their knowledge, our seminars start with a light networking breakfast and end with a short Q & A session which is open to the floor. And all that before 9.00am!

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