Breakfast Seminar: The Content Revolution – Marketing through Story with Jennifer O’Connell


WHEN: Wednesday 27 June 2018, 7.45am-9am

WHERE: The Irish Times Building, 24-28 Tara Street, Dublin 2

Join national media journalist and sought-after communications trainer Jennifer O’Connell as she shares her insights on how to use storytelling to build your content marketing strategy.

These days, if you’re not marketing through content, you’re not marketing. In just a few years, content marketing – sometimes known as branded content, or even brand journalism – has gone from an experimental approach dabbled in by a few brave start-ups and Silicon Valley tech companies, to a complete revolution in the way the organisations of all sizes are communicating with their customers.

But before you dive in and start churning out blogs, videos, podcasts, ebooks, social media posts and infographics, you need to understand the story you’re telling and who you’re telling it to. The most successful content marketers don’t think marketing; they think stories. So what can the principles of storytelling teach us about content marketing? And how can you use the secrets of storytelling to build an authentic, relevant and engaging content marketing strategy?

About Jennifer O’Connell

Jennifer O’Connell is a national media journalist and sought-after communications trainer who has worked with national and global brands to help them tell better stories. Trained in digital communications in one of Silicon Valley’s top tech firms, she has worked across every storytelling platform – print, online, social, digital, radio and television. She is an Irish Times columnist and features writer, and the presenter of Stressed a two-part documentary series on stress for RTÉ One. She’s also a frequent conference speaker and moderator.

About our Breakfast Seminars

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