Breakfast Seminar | The road to becoming a non-executive director

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WHEN: Wednesday 5th June 2019, 7.45am-9am

WHERE: The Irish Times Building, 24-28 Tara Street, Dublin 2

Join us on Wednesday 5th June at our next Breakfast Seminar with David W. Duffy, Ireland’s leading published author on corporate governance, to learn more about the road to becoming a Non-Executive Director (NED). David will consider questions such as;

  1. What is your motivation for becoming an NED (Non-Executive Director)?
  2. Where do I start?
  3. What do I need to do get ready for the market?
  4. How do I market myself?
  5. Where are the opportunities?
  6. How do I keep up to speed with the world of governance?

Our Free Breakfast Seminar Series offers a great opportunity to learn, network and share in a casual and relaxed environment.

About the Speaker

David W. Duffy is Ireland’s leading published author on corporate governance based on over 20 years of advising on the topic nationally and internationally.

In addition to being the founder of The Governance Company, David has served on multiple boards in various sectors and has reviewed the performance of over 60 boards. His most recent publications include “A Practical Guide to Corporate Governance” and “A Practical Guide for Company Directors”, both published by Chartered Accountants Ireland.

About our Breakfast Seminars

Irish Times Training Breakfast Seminars are free of charge with topics ranging from ranging from, What makes an effective networker? with Kinsley Aikins, Tech Lash; have we reached peak digital overload? with Meabh Quoirin, Why People Fail to Sell with Conor Kenny and The Content Revolution – Marketing through Story with Jennifer O’Connell.

Our Breakfast Seminars are opportunities to network, to learn and to share. In addition to welcoming industry and academic experts to ITT to share their knowledge, our seminars start with a light networking breakfast and end with a short Q & A session which is open to the floor. And all that before 9.00am!

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