Breakfast Seminar | Why People Fail to Sell

WHEN: Wednesday 26 September 2018, 7.45am-9am

WHERE: The Irish Times Building, 24-28 Tara Street, Dublin 2

The idea that anyone should write ‘the’ book on how to sell is anathema to Conor Kenny. When he was asked to do so in 2014 he declined in the belief that each sales situation is an original web of complex dynamics and a prescriptive approach is a myth. Instead, he agreed to write a book of true stories – Sales Tales – about his own failures and what that taught him not to do.

Join Conor Kenny, principal of Conor Kenny & Associates, a training and professional development company for the hospitality and service sector, as he shares his stories and insights so that you too can learn what not to do to increase your sales.

About Conor Kenny

Conor Kenny is a specialist in sales and marketing and a workshop leader. He is the author of 3 books; ‘It’s Who I Am’ (Irish Times Best Business Books of the Year 2017) ‘Dancing at the Fountain’ (Irish Examiner Best Business Books of the Year 2016) and Sales Tales (2014)’ He is also a regular columnist and commentator on sales and service for many publications nationally and internationally.


About our Breakfast Seminars

Irish Times Training Breakfast Seminars are free of charge with topics ranging from Mastering Twitter with Conor PopeDriving results through Social Media with Felicity McCarthyManaging Stress in the workplace with Dr Anne Jeffers to Nutrition for Wellness with Gaye Godkin.

Our Breakfast Seminars are opportunities to network, to learn and to share. In addition to welcoming industry and academic experts to ITT to share their knowledge, our seminars start with a light networking breakfast and end with a short Q & A session which is open to the floor. And all that before 9.00am!

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