Building a Bigger Audience: Strategies for Digital Marketing


An integrated approach to Digital Marketing is essential to growing your audience and expanding your reach. While advertising is still key, there has been an explosion in inbound marketing and content marketing over the last three years.

Many organisations have struggled to keep pace with the change that has come with the combined social media and tech revolutions – only in the last decade has checking your social channels on a mobile device become commonplace.

How is your business coping with the demands of Digital Marketing in 2018? We’ve compiled some quick tips to help you stay at the top of your game.

1.  Video content is crucial

As consumers, we love to watch and share video content and as such, it’s a vital component of a Digital Marketer’s toolkit. According to Hubspot, we watch around 1.5 hours of video content every single day – and the trends are only going upward.

This is especially true for corporates and B2B organisations, given that LinkedIn has recently introduced the option of posting native video content.

It’s easier to hold your audience’s attention for two or three minutes with an engaging video than with a lengthy article. The days of hiring a video crew for tens of thousands of euro are gone – all you need is a quiet, well-lit room, a smart phone and a tripod to get started.

2.  Search engines still matter

Occasionally, articles appear online suggesting that SEO (search engine optimization) is “dead”.

This couldn’t be further from the truth – people use Google and other search engines to research all kinds of purchases and this organic traffic is incredibly important in terms of generating new leads and contributing to revenue streams.

To build this organic traffic you should create high-quality, thorough content that provides value to your audience. It’s essential to optimise it with keywords, headings, and links to other related content. Read Brian Dean’s guide to SEO in 2018.

Key trends to watch out for this year include the rise of voice search as Siri and Alexa become more popular. There is also a strong possibility that alternatives to Google will become more popular if they can guarantee stronger data protection, as people become more mindful of how their data is used.

3.  Use Content Marketing to build relationships

If you keep giving audiences a reason to come back to your site, there is a good chance that eventually they will become customers or clients. Use content as a way to build trust, loyalty, and affinity with your audience.

Any business can find a way to provide value to through content. Consumer-facing organisations like bakeries and gyms can offer weekly updates with new recipes or fitness motivation and tips that keep their audience coming back for more.

For B2B organisations, providing clear advice on your area of expertise, whether it’s GDPR, tax or blockchain will establish you as an industry leader.

Check out the Content Academy’s Guide to Content People Actually Want to Read.

4. Email: The most reliable way to generate sales

Email marketing is not as trendy as the latest social media channel, but numerous research studies have found that it is the most reliable way to generate new leads and sales. In fact, one report suggested that email converts at a rate 42 times higher than social media.

Why? Well, while algorithms determine who sees your content on social media, email has a high delivery rate and most people check it every day – often multiple times.

You can experiment with personalization, A/B tests and quirky subject lines to generate engagement and increase your conversion rate.

As well as that, social media trends come and go, but most people keep their personal email addresses for many years.

The take-away

While video, search, content and email are each important standalone marketing channels, the real magic happens when the four are combined to create powerful integrated campaigns combining the best features of all to reach a wider audience.

Keeping your skills up-to-date is an ongoing task as trends come and go, and audience habits change. Check back here regularly for more Digital Marketing tips and tricks.

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Katie Harrington is a Digital Content Strategist based in Dublin. She specialises in creating integrated campaigns for B2B clients worldwide.

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