Online Learning – what you need to know before you start

By Lisa Hughes, management facilitator and executive coach. Learning and Development (L&D) is key to staying relevant in our ever-changing work and professional environments, and is one of the key elements in increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. It is important for us all to learn new skills, to stay informed about the latest trends, to... View Article

Overcoming affinity and other unconscious biases in the workplace

By Paula Lonergan, organisational development consultant specialising in workplace wellbeing and resilience. Our tendency to trust what is familiar and distrust what is different has led to many, many minor and major catastrophic decisions since the dawn of humanity. Possibly one of the most damaging and blatant forms of bias in the workplace, this is... View Article

10 tactics to bring Instagram into your B2B marketing strategy

By Felicity McCarthy, digital marketing trainer & consultant. The incredible growth of Instagram in the last 2-3 years has given reason for all marketers to sit up and take notice.  For marketers who are targeting and working with consumers, the use of Instagram is pretty logical and clear. However, for many business to business (B2B)... View Article

5 Tips to Boost Sales on LinkedIn

By Karen Morton, speaker and trainer on Personal Branding. Are you relying on cold calling to drive your sales pipeline? Are you frustrated with the lack of success you’re having?  The sales process has undergone significant digital transformation.  According to Forbes, the Age of the Seller has been replaced by the Age of the Customer. ... View Article

Could creativity unlock wellness in the workplace?

By Susan HayesCulleton CFA, CEO of #SavvyTeenAcademy and co-author of the market-leading economics textbook “Positive Economics” Yesterday, I asked a group of 16-year old teenagers to write a first-person description of what the workplace of the future would feel like. As you can imagine, there were lots of references to robots, flexible working and more... View Article

To lead transformation, leaders must transform themselves

By Lisa Hughes, management facilitator & executive coach. In a world where the rate of change and technological advances appear to be growing exponentially and volume of information flows are speeding up, the organisation must transform to stay relevant and continue to flourish. Transformation is defined as a major change in form, nature and function,... View Article

Getting to Yes: Tactics for successful workplace negotiations

By Gerry Prizeman, trainer, lecturer and Executive Coach specialising in leadership. Two sisters were fighting over an orange, both wanting it and neither prepared to concede. Failing to reach an agreement, their mother said that she would cut the fruit in half, assuming that would keep each child happy. One sister promptly ate her half,... View Article

The journey to digital maturity, through digital transformation

By Louise O’Conor, Partner at Digital Transformation consulting firm, Beta Digital. How many times a day do you pick up your phone to research, buy, book, compare or just browse for something? Your search presents endless pages of possible results of which you rarely scroll past the second page – that’s how impatient we’ve become... View Article

6 trends shaping the future of talent management

By Gerry Prizeman, trainer, lecturer and Executive Coach specialising in leadership. Talent management should be dynamic, impacted as it is by changes in the nature of work, the work environment and the needs of both employers and employees. For organisations to attract, engage and retain highly skilled individuals, they will have to provide a more... View Article

Instagram: Time to make your business part of the conversation

By Felicity McCarthy, digital marketing trainer & consultant. The world of Social Media is rapidly changing. As we reflect on how much has changed in the last few years, it’s fair to say that Instagram has been the top performer in this space, showing the fastest and most consistent growth in the last 3 years.... View Article

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