Influencing Through the Power of Non-Verbal Communication

By Yvonne Farrell, Leadership & Management Development Consultant and Professional Coach How can the power of observing and assessing non-verbal behaviours in others, and the ability to identify and regulate your own non-verbal communication style, aid your ability to communicate and influence more effectively and understand what others are really saying to you? “The most... View Article

The role of marketers in feeding the sales funnel

By Caroline Devereux, Strategy, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Specialist Have you created the perfect Sales Funnel for your business? Sales funnels are as varied as the products and services they’re designed to sell. The concept is simple, but the creation and execution may not be as easy. There is simply no one version, template, or... View Article

Performance management in a brave new world

By Paula Lonergan, Business Coach and Registered Mediator There is no doubt about it, but the workplace is a-changing and changing fundamentally. With our increasingly digitalised and self-aware world, we now work remotely, create matrixed, ‘conscious’ teams, require vegan options for our skinny lattes and aspire to ‘woke’ management, capable of flexing between coach, inspirational... View Article

So you want to become a non-executive director on the new FAI Board?

By David W. Duffy, Ireland’s leading published author on Corporate Governance and Founder of The Governance Company Assuming all goes well in establishing fit for purpose governance in the FAI (V2), there will be a requirement to recruit a number of non-executive directors (NED) to bring independence and objectivity and perhaps other competencies that have... View Article

What does the future of management look like

By Sinéad Gibney, Training and Education Consultant ‘Managing others’ is the skill categorised as least likely to be automated in a 2016 McKinsey study entitled Where Machines Can Replace Humans and Where They Can’t, confirming the critical need for companies to invest in developing and maintaining strong management practice in order to survive and to thrive.... View Article

5 Top Marketing Trends for 2019

In 2018, according to The Marketing Sentiment Survey carried out by MediaCom Ireland, The Irish Times and the Marketing Institute of Ireland, the top five advertising channels that marketers planned to invest more in were all Digital. While figures for last year have yet to be released, marketing communications group Core forecast a 20% increase in... View Article

Why leaders of today don’t need to know all the answers

By Lisa Hughes, Management Facilitator and Executive Coach When we think of leadership, we often imagine a charismatic commanding leader who has all the answers. This is the traditional view of leadership, the C suite executive who is confident and charming and leads from the front. This leadership model held up well in the industrial... View Article

Top Tips for Handling Difficult Conversations at Work

By Miriam Rogers, experienced facilitator and an executive, business and life coach. Difficult conversations have become part and parcel of our working lives. Most people shy away from these situations and few relish the prospect of sharing difficult messages. Fears about what to say, how to deal with the other person’s response, and concern for... View Article

14 Golden Rules of Service

By Conor Kenny, Specialist in Sales and Marketing Recently I gave a Workshop. One of the participants was a military man. He is a gentleman, and a gentleman of few words but his words are very wise. Bobby was listening to a debate on ‘service’ He listened intently and he observed. The debate ebbed and... View Article

‘Give Us This Day Lots More Sales’ by Conor Kenny

By Conor Kenny, Specialist in Sales and Marketing I used this title once and my Dad, a devout Catholic, said “It’s blasphemous” (but he liked it). After all, sales are the ultimate fuel (and challenge) for every business and when the curtain goes down on another day, the clock starts all over again tomorrow. Great... View Article

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