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Interviewing & Recruiting

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Finding the Right Fit

First of all, you need someone with skills and qualifications for the role. But beyond that, you also need a person who will fit in with your team and organisational culture.

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About the course

Research has shown that a structured interview is the most effective way to assess a candidate’s competencies. We start by exploring the different categories of structured interview be it online or face-to-face; how to decide which is appropriate to use and the importance of incorporating recruitment tools such as psychometric assessments into an overall structured interview plan.

You will then learn how to uncover the characteristics of high performers and how to hire for potential by measuring these qualities through a planned interview process. The course will take account of the fact that you may be interviewing online.

Your tutor has industry experience and will review sample job specifications to highlight both the skills and experience required for the role and the type of person who will be the best fit for the team. Using these exercises and tutor support you will learn how to write more focused and job-relevant interview questions, to accurately reflect the needs of the job specification.

Finally, you will be guided in developing strong standard interview questions for all candidates and individual questions that are developed from each person's application/ CV.

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Very in-depth, covered all areas of recruitment.

Nice pace and structure. Good role playing & break-up of activities – very professional.

Find and Close Your Skills Gap

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Course content

Course content

  • Structured interview categories; experience, situational, behavioural - virtually or face-to-face
  • Uncovering characteristics of High Performers
  • Developing an approach to ‘hiring for potential; sample 'potential' indicators
  • Writing a job specification that reflects the role
  • Developing questions around the job spec and job competencies, and taking a competency-based approach
  • Developing techniques and confidence in probing candidates
  • The impact of conscious and unconscious bias
  • Employment Law and interview questions
  • Interview timing & environment/online platform
  • Managing the interview format & clarifying the roles within an interview panel
  • Scoring the interview; positive & negative indicators
  • Active listening, promoting positive body language & non-verbal communication
  • Probing challenging candidates
  • How to close the interview
  • Writing up evidence-based notes to support your decision
  • Giving interview feedback
  • Interview pitfalls
  • 10-point checklist

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Who should attend

This course is designed for anyone who is involved in the interviewing process, including those who are part of an interviewing board at initial intake and/or internal promotion interviewing stages. The course is also helpful to those with some interview experience who now find themselves interviewing in an online environment.

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A Certificate of Attendance can be supplied in soft copy and/or hard copy on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

You should prepare for this course by becoming familiar with the job descriptions and person specifications of the jobs you normally interview for and also being aware of the interview system already in place. If possible, you should bring samples of current or past job specifications for your company.

What does 'live interactive online' training entail?

You may be coming to online learning for the first time, and feel nervous or worried that it might be unfamiliar and difficult. Well, you can relax! So long as you have a computer and are able to connect to the internet, ideally with a webcam (although this is not essential) then you’re all set!

We use video platforms to deliver our virtual sessions, and each class is secured with password access so only the registered participants can join. All the course materials are made available for you to follow along on-screen, and then join in with the collaboration sessions and activities.

Our courses are very accessible, and the online experience of learning helps those who will be conducting online interviews, giving them the chance to practice their new skills before putting them into action in the real world of work.

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