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Course Duration

13 day(s)

Course Fee

(includes course material and light refreshments)

Course Schedule

29/04/2014 - 22/07/2014
23/09/2014 - 16/12/2014

Course Location

Irish Times Training, 24 - 28 Tara Street, Dublin 2

This course can also be offered on a tailored in-company basis.

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Module 1 – Digital Marketing Strategy 

The foundation module will examine how the internet has changed the relationship between businesses and customers and what marketers now need to do. Setting the scene for the course, it will examine current trends in marketing, how the internet affects strategy, tone of voice, media placement and copywriting style. Using examples of best (and worst) global practice, the module will conclude by introducing a scorecard system designed to plan online marketing strategically.

Module 2 – Google AdWords / Pay per click Ads
This module will demonstrate how to set up effective AdWords campaigns that increase click-through rates. You will learn what is involved in ongoing AdWord campaign management, how to set your own budget and how to write compelling advertising copy.

Module 3 – Search Engine Optimisation 
This module will demonstrate how to use search engine optimisation and marketing to drive customers to your site, while improving your search engine ranking and maximising conversion of visitors to customers. It will examine how best to maintain and continually improve search engine visibility using transparent, trusted methods.

Module 4 – Online Video
This module will look at how to create an online community, increase brand awareness and enhance click-through and response rates using the video medium. We will explore how to create, edit and distribute a video, examine where video's use is appropriate and its potential impact, and review case studies to illustrate how seeded and viral videos are most effectively used. We will discuss the best channels for video disribution to achieve maximum returns and results. Additionally, as broadband speeds improve, we will examine what lies ahead for video in terms of quality and use.

Module 5 – Writing for Digital Marketing
This module will provide the skills necessary to express yourself effectively in an online world. It will highlight the differences between writing for the web as opposed to print media, and illustrate how best to present digital content in order to attract and convert website visitors.

Module 6 – Email Marketing and Lead Generation
This module will demonstrate how permission-based email marketing is integral to digital marketing in terms of increasing customer reach and, ultimately, sales. Besides finding out how to write, time and test a campaign, you will gain valuable insight into the implications of data protection.

Module 7 – Website Analytics 
This is a practical, interactive module that will give valuable insight into website analytics. It will enable you to draw actionable conclusions from traffic to your website that can then be used to improve the site's design and optimise further traffic. You will be encouaged to identify aspects of websites that need to be improved, and begin to see how these improvements' impact can then be measured.

Module 8 – Online PR
This module will look at the changing face of public relations and the benefits of integrating online PR into your communications strategy. We will examine which online platforms and content are most appropriate in a variety of contexts, how to create an online press release and how to monitor and manage your online reputation. 

Modules 9 & 10 – Social Media and Your Online Brand: 
In these modules you will learn how to leverage your company’s Social Media presence to generate more connections, build relationships with customers and boost your bottom line. Both modules will look in-depth at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social networks, as well as the arts of blogging and podcasting and the sharing of online photographs and video. They will include case studies of Irish and global businesses now using social media effectively to build customer communities and successfully manage online brands.

Module 11 – Mobile Web
This module will give you the knowledge required to start developing your organisation’s mobile web strategy. We will look at how content should be adapted specifically for mobile consumption, the various ways in which mobile device content can be deployed and the implications current developments have for design. You will be shown how user requirements differ in a mobile context, get a preview of ongoing advances in mobile media and explore the potential impact these developments will have on your future digital marketing.

Module 12 - Legal Issues
This module will focus on the legal challenges and issues that digital marketing presents.

Module 13 – Online Advertising
This module will show you how to plan an online advertising campaign. It will help you put together an overall strategy for display advertising, write a creative brief, determine the best media for your objectives, understand how to maximize your return on investment and show how to budget efectively for online ad spend.

Our trainers, all experts in their fields, are leading lights in today's digital industry today and include: 

Krishna De
BizGrowth NewsSandra HennessyBe Dynamic , Maeve KneafseyElucidateGareth Dunlop, Fathom, Michelle O’KeeffeMedia Brokers, Lisa HughesDigital ReachEoin KennedyKnudgerJohn Ring,Yvonne Cleary, Vuvie Media Antonie Geerts, Arekibo, and Conor PopeThe Irish Times.

Having joined forces with the IIA in 2010, we jointly deliver the Digital Marketing Diploma to organisations of all sizes across the country.  The Diploma is designed to help individuals and organisations come to terms with the rapidly evolving digital arena.  On completing the programme, you will have a solid grounding in the field and be in a position to develop a digital strategy for your businesss / organisation.

This course has been awarded 12 hours for Chartered Bankers and Certified Bankers for 2014 by the Institute of Bankers in Ireland.

Modules take place once a week on Tuesdays over 13 EVENINGS (6pm – 9pm)  (view course recommendations)

Please note: order of modules is subject to change. 

Digital Marketing FETAC Level 5 MINOR AWARD 
If you wish to obtain the Digital Marketing Minor Award (5N1364), you are required to complete a collection of work (5 practical assignments) during the course, in addition to a digital marketing plan (due 6 weeks after the completion of the course). 

Modules include Strategy, SEO, Online Advertising, Mobile Web, Social Media, Online PR and many more. 


You must attend 10 modules or more to be awarded an Irish Times Training & Irish Internet Association Diploma in Digital Marketing. 

On successful completion of the FETAC collection of work and digital marketing plan, you will be awarded a FETAC Level 5 minor award in Digital Marketing 5N1364. Minimum attendance requirement is 10 modules.







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