Google Analytics & Data-Driven Marketing

Website analytics will provide you with invaluable website data about visitor demographics, usage characteristics & behaviour as well as allowing you to measure the results of marketing campaigns. This information will help you to make informed changes to your website and/or marketing activities based on actual data and build a strategy that will lead to growth. In this course you will;

  • Learn How to Set Up and Use Google Analytics (GA)
  • Gain an Understanding of Basic & Custom Reports in GA
  • Understand Key Terms & Metrics
  • Learn How to Use GA to Set up Audiences for Remarketing
  • Get an Introduction to Google Tag Manager & Learn How to Use it to Install GA and other tags

Course Content

  • Background to GA & how it works
  • Understanding key metrics: users, sessions, goals etc.
  • The GA Dashboard
  • Key Reports: Real-time, Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour & Conversion
  • Understanding your website audience demographics
  • Assessing the performance of your marketing activities
  • Analysing user behaviour
  • Sales funnels & goals
  • Setting up an Audience List & using segmentation
  • Creating custom reports
  • Using Google Tag Manager & setting up GA tracking

Want to build on your existing knowledge? Get past the basic uses of Google Analytics with our two day Masterclass in Data Analytics.

Upcoming Dates

Friday 17th April, 9.30 am-12.30 pm

Friday 24th July, 9.30 am-12.30 pm

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