Google Analytics & Data-Driven Marketing

Website analytics will provide you with invaluable website data about visitor demographics, usage characteristics & behaviour as well as allowing you to measure the results of marketing campaigns. This information will help you to make informed changes to your website and/or marketing activities based on actual data and build a strategy that will lead to growth. In this course you will;

  • Learn How to Set Up and Use Google Analytics (GA)
  • Gain an Understanding of Basic & Custom Reports in GA
  • Understand Key Terms & Metrics
  • Learn How to Use GA to Set up Audiences for Remarketing
  • Get an Introduction to Google Tag Manager & Learn How to Use it to Install GA and other tags

Course Content

  • Background to GA & how it works
  • Understanding key metrics: users, sessions, goals etc.
  • The GA Dashboard
  • Key Reports: Real-time, Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour & Conversion
  • Understanding your website audience demographics
  • Assessing the performance of your marketing activities
  • Analysing user behaviour
  • Sales funnels & goals
  • Setting up an Audience List & using segmentation
  • Creating custom reports
  • Using Google Tag Manager & setting up GA tracking

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