Handling Difficult Conversations

Whether you are engaging with a difficult colleague, reviewing someone's performance, issuing a caution or dealing with customer service issues, difficult conversations are an inescapable aspect  of our lives today. Many may even delegate these conversations for fear of mishandling them.

This one day programme will build your confidence in communicating negative or difficult messages and equip you with a better understanding of how to deliver the message, appreciate the use of empathy and ensure you identify the necessary skills to ensure better outcomes from difficult conversations.

You will have the opportunity to explore the situations you find difficult in a safe and supportive environment and you will learn strategies to support you into the future.

The day will be a combination of trainer led tuition, case study review, role-play and peer group discussion.

Course Content

  • Identify what types of message are difficult and what makes them so
  • Review your leadership style and the impact it can have on a difficult conversation
  • Understand emotional intelligence (EI)
  • Look at empathy and explore empathetic language and the benefits of using it
  • Role plays – have the opportunity to explore your communication style and it’s impact on others and learn some useful strategies for dealing with difficult situations or conversations

Key Outcomes

At the end of the programme the participants should be more confident and more successful in dealing with difficult situations or conversations.  They will have reviewed their natural style and have identified appropriate strategies to support them in the future

About the Facilitator

Miriam Rogers is an experienced Facilitator and an Executive, Business and Life Coach who has over 30 years experience in financial and private sectors.  She has a keen interest in supporting management and staff in driving performance and achieving business success.

Miriam’s interest in learning came from her various management roles where she created innovative solutions to business needs, resulting in improved performance.  She is passionate about supporting people, particularly in leadership roles, in getting the best from their teams.  Her extensive experience and coaching skills have given her a unique blend of learning solutions.  Part of her success in this is being able to refer to her own practical experience and thus show that she has ‘walked the walk’.

What past participants say...

“Clear, effective and interactive. Real-life examples brought the course to life and made it interesting.”

“Very practical. Forced me to think and reflect on how I behave and on how I can improve my approach to people.”

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