How to get in front of the Buyer

The purpose of this workshop is to help you understand why you are not getting as many appointments as you’d like and how to change that into a far higher success rate. Understanding your buyer's needs and how your product/service benefits them is key - failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


Most sales people have one thing in mind – making the sale. However, to make a sale, you must earn the right. Before that even becomes a possibility, you must be in front of the buyer and getting there is where a huge amount of failure resides. Why is it that sales people keep trying the same approach with a track record of failure? How often do emotions overrule our thinking? What did you do that the buyer really didn’t like? This workshop will challenge you and make you rethink how you are going about sales and selling. It will help you analyse your own gaps, fix them and leave you with much food for thought and instantly actionable learning.

Who should attend?

Any one charged with selling or dealing directly with customers. Sales and Marketing Executives at all levels, from junior to director level. Owners and managers of client facing businesses.

Course Content

  • Understanding why a Buyer won’t meet you
  • Analysing your current approach
  • Understanding your impact
  • Understanding your message
  • Understanding decision making motivations
  • Understanding where and how to add value
  • Understanding speed and clarity
  • Understanding key messages
  • Understanding what to do to get the appointment
  • Understanding the impact of your words
  • Coming away knowing exactly how to get those precious appointments

The Facilitator

Conor Kenny is a specialist in sales and marketing and a workshop leader.

He is the principal of Conor Kenny & Associates, a training and professional development company for the hospitality and service sector. He is the author of 3 books; ‘It’s Who I Am’ (Irish Times Best Business Books of the Year 2017) ‘Dancing at the Fountain’ (Irish Examiner Best Business Books of the Year 2016) and Sales Tales (2014)’ He is also a regular columnist and commentator on sales and service for many publications nationally and internationally.

What Past Participants Say...

“Great course, Conor was extremely helpful and encouraged me to reconsider my approach.”

“Great ideas on how to approach Buyers directly – made me rethink my methods.”

“Very good content – interesting, interactive and educational.”

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