Inbound Marketing

This 3 hour session (half-day or evening course) will look at the theory around inbound and content marketing, how it compares to traditional methods and why it is so important. You will learn how to attract your ideal buyer persona by creating content that’s valuable and easy for them to find. You will also explore the Buyer Journey so that you present the right information to the right person at the right time.

Want to learn more? Check our 4 day intensive Inbound Marketing Programme where you will create an inbound campaign from start to finish. Set campaign goals, identify your buyer persona, structure content for Blogging, SEO and Social Media, send effective emails, build a conversion path, measure and report on ROI. 

Course Programme

What is Inbound Marketing, why and how it works:

  • Getting the most from Inbound Marketing: How Inbound Marketing compares with traditional methods and the change in the consumer experience; using content to get found online through blog articles, website pages and social messages, optimising for search and social media, understanding what will attract your buyers and using that context to personalise your marketing plan
  • Inbound, permission-based marketing; content creation (e.g. blogging, webinars), lifestyle marketing, personalisation & context using progressive profiling, creating a multi-channel presence and using Analytics to know what works
  • How Inbound Marketing works; attracting traffic, converting leads, closing customers using lead nurturing and turning customers into future promoters
  • Inbound Marketing tools: Your “Playbook”

Upcoming Courses

Tuesday 10th April, 6.00pm - 9.00pm

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