Executive Education with Ulster University

The collective performance of executives is the primary driver in business today.  Successful organisations recognise the critical importance of their people with Leadership and Management programmes being key to unlocking human potential and securing competitive edge.

“As business leaders we know that there is no set definition of leadership and in order to become truly great leaders ourselves, we must strive for greater knowledge and have a thirst for continual growth. ” Denise Kennedy, Dept Public Expenditure & Reform. MSc Executive Leadership

Covering the latest developments in management practice our programmes explore strategy and long-term management and all our modules are built around participants’ own businesses and experiences. The curriculum is practically-orientated and encourages you to apply new skills to your own businesses.


Management Programmes include:

The management programme design and delivery is intensive and challenging applying knowledge in real time. The content is designed to help identify new and emerging opportunities. Participants come from a myriad of professional and/or academic backgrounds.  University faculty are drawn from business and education sectors offering a multidisciplinary perspective.

Programmes are highly flexible, keeping work-life balance in mind. Our small class sizes enhance and deepen the experience and relationships with fellow participants.

All classes take place in Irish Times Training, in the headquarters of the The Irish Times on Tara Street.

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