People Management

The aim of this course is to give participants the opportunity to assess the latest thinking with regard to people management and performance which will inform future practice. It emphasises the importance of taking responsibility for personal results and introduces participants to a range of practical tools and techniques for team working and performance improvement.

Course Overview

  • Exploring value based leadership
  • Enhancing leadership skills
  • Managing Difficult Conversations to enhance performance
  • Assessing management styles
  • Analysing the impact of different styles on staff
  • Adapting different management styles to different situations
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of current communication strategies
  • Handling conflict and managing diversity
  • Developing leadership potential more fully
  • Employing specific strategies to motivate staff more successfully
  • Refining listening skills
  • Building effective teams
  • Understanding Group Dynamics
  • Persuading and influencing people

Key Outcomes

  • Achieve the potential of your business through the effective management of your people
  • Improve people management skills and gain feedback on different aspects of personal management styles


This course has been awarded 3 hours for Chartered Bankers and Certified Bankers for 2017 by the Institute of Bankers in Ireland. [CPD Accreditation Number - 2017-0838, People Management 2017 Irish Times Training]

What Past Participants Say...

“Great time for group involvement which led to great ideas being shared. Confidence gained from expressing these ideas too.”

“Informative, entertaining and extremely well presented. A pleasure.”

“I can see myself practically applying this knowledge and insight in my work environment.”

"I found the interactive aspect of this course surprising and yet the most satisfying part. Role playing and hearing other's experiences really gave me a greater understanding."

"Very collaborative, interactive, comfortable environment. All participants then felt open to discuss their experiences. Great advice and feedback from the course leader - also friendly and approachable."

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