Report Writing

Please note that for the remainder of dates in 2020, this course will be delivered virtually. Please see here for course dates and booking information in regards to this virtual training.

The aim of this course is to enable participants to improve their Report Writing skills and to understand how to produce sharper and shorter reports in less time, that are direct and easily understood by the reader.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for those who are required to write reports as part of their role and who wish to improve their writing skills.

Course Overview

*Participants should bring samples of reports they have written or the types of reports they will be expected to produce.

  • Identifying the principles of effective report writing
  • Analysing sample reports
  • Profiling target readerships
  • Planning and clarifying terms of reference
  • Preparing the process: the writer, the reader and the information
  • Time managing the reporting process
  • Selecting relevant information
  • Deciding on layout and the most effective use of each report section
  • Differentiating between fact, analysis and opinion
  • Developing a reader-friendly writing style
  • Writing clear, concise sentences
  • Concluding and recommending within the agreed remit

Key Outcomes

  • Write and edit reports with greater purpose
  • Approach report writing in a systematic manner
  • Organise information gathering in a time-efficient and logical manner
  • Structure documents using a hassle-free scripting process
  • Plan the report presentation to maximise impact and advertise your professionalism
  • Prepare reports to withstand hostile readings

What Past Participants Say...

“Excellent course – both in structure and delivery! I will be recommending this course to colleagues – very engaging and interesting!”

“The presenter was engaging and made the course fun but also delivered everything in a clear and concise manner.”

“Interactive, interesting, enjoyed the practical elements & how information was delivered.”

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