The Psychology of Service

It’s not about you, it’s about your customer. The purpose of this workshop is to understand your impact on customers and colleagues, how you use words, how you behave and the psychology that propels people towards you or away from you.

It will teach you the difference between emotional judgement versus professional reactions as well as getting you to perform a self-analysis which will help you measure your level of service and determine steps needed to improve the service you give your clients and create a lasting positive and profitable impact.


“A hospitality business is like a theatre. Every night when the lights go down the show is over another day is done. The next day, no matter what has gone before it, the show will have a new audience, often a first time audience, and today’s show must, at the very least, be better than the day before. The actors who will deliver the show are your people. If you do not invest in them in many ways you will have an average show. After all, what is the point of a beautiful comfortable cosy theatre with great sets, great seats and great lighting if the guys on stage have no idea what they are doing? The leader’s job is to keep the actors acting and the audience smiling”  -  Conor Kenny

In his book ‘Dancing at the Fountain, Conor often quotes from the interview with Bernard Murphy, Gleneagles, Scotland, who said “Are you doing something for me or are you doing something to me?” Of course, it is a subtle difference and one often driven by emotion rather than service but, ‘how you made me feel’ will last a lot longer than the words or even the actions.

This workshop will explore, discuss and understand what we mean by ‘impact’ as well as give you immediately actionable and practical homework to drive your service standards even higher.

Who should attend?

Anyone charged with selling or dealing directly with customers. Front Line Desk and Customer care staff, Sales and Marketing Executives at all levels, from junior to director level. Owners and managers of client facing businesses.

Course Content

  • Defining what we mean by ‘service’
  • Understanding what makes and does not make good service
  • Assessing and rating my own service impact and understanding gaps
  • Visible versus invisible service
  • The power of listening and silence
  • What we mean by integrity and how that relates to service
  • Being your own predator and where you’d attack your own service standards
  • Setting, maintaining and policing your service standards
  • Learning from world class leaders
  • Understanding your leadership style and its impact
  • Generating service ideas to take home

The Facilitator

Conor Kenny is a specialist in sales and marketing and a workshop leader.

He is the principal of Conor Kenny & Associates, a training and professional development company for the hospitality and service sector. He is the author of 3 books; ‘It’s Who I Am’ (Irish Times Best Business Books of the Year 2017) ‘Dancing at the Fountain’ (Irish Examiner Best Business Books of the Year 2016) and Sales Tales (2014)’ He is also a regular columnist and commentator on sales and service for many publications nationally and internationally.

What Past Participants Say...

“I liked that it was not a day of Powerpoint, but was group discussions and examples from real life."

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