Tracing Your Irish Ancestors – ONLINE Course

Our online genealogy course provides you with a comprehensive guide to all the records, resources and research techniques you will need to trace your family history. It combines detailed analysis of the relevant sources with hands-on internet research to produce a personalised research plan. The course is accessible via

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Module 1: Introduction & Expectations
In this module, some of the expectations and misconceptions surrounding Irish genealogy are discussed and, in some cases, debunked.

Module 2: Irish Surnames & Placenames
Surnames and place names are the raw material of genealogy and are especially tricky in Ireland. This module discusses the reasons why.

Module 3: The General Register Office
All Irish births, deaths and marriages were registered by the state from 1864. This module outlines the way the system worked and how to research these records.

Module 4: Irish Census Records
This module outlines the history of census-taking in Ireland and examines research strategies for the earliest complete census records, for 1901 and 1911.

Module 5: Irish Church Records
Because of the lack of early censuses, Irish church records are extremely important. This module details the years covered, locations and research strategies for the records of the major denominations.

Module 6: Irish Property Records
The two most important early census substitutes are Griffith’s Valuation and the Tithe Books. This module examines them in detail.

Module 7: Revision of Major Sources
The aim of this module is to show how the four main record-sources already examined can be used in conjunction with each other.

Module 8: Census Substitutes
The lack of early censuses makes anything with a name on it potentially relevant for Irish research. This module samples some of the better-known.

Module 9: Other Useful Records 1
Apart from the four universally useful sources, there are many other potentially helpful records, generally relating to property. This module discusses the most widely used.

Module 10: Other Useful Records 2
This module continues the discussion of property-related records.

Module 11: Bringing It All Together
This module examines the ways in which online family-tree building can be used, and outlines approaches to the other subscriptions included as part of the course fee.

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