Virtual Building Resilience for Workplace Wellness

Employers are increasingly aware that a resilient working environment is key to reaching higher levels of job satisfaction, productivity and staff  retention. “Building Resilience for Workplace Wellness” addresses the skills and attributes required to build resilience which, in turn, creates better teams and working relationships. Participants will reflect on their own characteristics, learn how to manage stress triggers and emotion in the workplace, and explore strategies for enhancing wellness at work.

Who should attend?

This training is aimed at employees and managers across all sectors.

Course overview

Using a workshop approach, this practical and skills-based training day will allow participants to work through the themes and activities within the classroom in order to improve communication skills, develop self awareness and acquire the skills for resilient working relationships and  happier workplaces.

Participants will leave with the building blocks to create a Workplace Wellness Plan for sustainable day-to-day resilience building as well as an understanding of ways to build their own personal resilience and support team members in building theirs.

Key outcomes

  • Identify the characteristics of personal resilience;
  • Identify self when resilient - what builds and what drains personal resilience;
  • Learn ways to build personal resilience and support team members in building theirs;
  • Learn the building blocks of resilient teams;
  • Explore the impacts of change and learn ways to manage transitions in the workplace.
  • Achieving Workplace Wellness by recognising triggers and managing needs; and
  • Create a Workplace Wellness Plan for sustainable, day-to-day resilience building.
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