Virtual Coaching for Performance

The aim of this course is to help Managers develop a coaching management style to be able to unleash potential in themselves and their teams. Our 2-day Coaching for Performance programme will deliver insights on how to coach, the skill-sets needed, the do’s and don’ts of coaching and explain why organisations, which are committed to development of staff reaching their fullest potential, are adopting coaching style management disciplines.


  • What is Coaching?
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Listening Empathically
  • Coaching vs Mentoring
  • Line Manager as Coach
  • Creating Trust
  • The Language of Coaching Conversations
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Team Coaching
  • Coaching Models
  • It’s not about You, it’s about the Coachee!
  • Role Play – Coaching Session/s

Key Outcomes

  • The key principles of coaching and how to adjust style from ‘tell’ to ‘ask’.
  • The ability to frame pivotal conversations, where important outcomes are at stake, in coaching language designed to facilitate the coachee finding an appropriate solution to the challenge at hand.
  • The ability to create a coaching environment within one’s own sphere of influence, be that a small or large team of people.
  • An improved understanding of how to listen at a deeper level.
  • A better understanding of how to conduct a coaching conversation based on role plays within the classroom environment
  • A sense of understanding of one’s own level of Emotional Intelligence and how and where it may need improvement.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone with a role in managing people and performance and/or in contributing to the culture within the business around how people interact and engage with each other.
  • Senior Management Team (SMT) members, line managers, team leaders and people managers will all benefit from this course.
  • HR managers who set/influence policy for people management structures and appraisal processes.
  • Project managers who need to work across organisations in a matrix structure.

The course is not sector specific and the principles of coaching may be applied across any sector.

About the Facilitator

Gerry Prizeman has gained wide reaching commercial experience in his years at senior level retail banking, with extensive achievements in customer centric business strategy development and execution. These roles included a Board Director of ICS Building Society as well as Head of Small Business and Head of Enterprise Development at Bank of Ireland. He has extensive experience in supporting and working with both SMEs and retail consumers. During this time he has managed and led large teams across multiple locations in Ireland, in both buoyant and challenging economics environments.

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