Virtual Diploma in Digital Marketing

The Irish Times Training Virtual Diploma in Digital Marketing is an online programme with live tuition over video call and an emphasis on practical application to maximise your learning experience. You will be able to engage with the trainer in real time, collaborate with your classmates and access the resources after the training sessions.

Our mode of delivery gives you direct access to our lecturers who are experts in their respective fields. Not only that, our lecturers are best placed to learn about new trends and technologies as they happen, meaning that you get the most up-to-date training and knowledge available.

You may be eligible for financial support if you are looking to develop the online presence of your business. There is a Trading Online Voucher Scheme available through Local Enterprise Offices to help with trading online and reaching new markets - find out more here (please note this is not an Irish Times Training scheme).

Course Overview

The Diploma in Digital Marketing is designed to give you a greater understanding of online marketing and practical knowledge of digital tools. It will equip you with up-to-date techniques and tools that can be used immediately.

On completion, you will have a solid grounding in this field and be in a position to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and implementation plan as well as manage campaigns for your company.

The course consists of 12 modules which are delivered virtually, and each one is a 3 hour live session.

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketing practitioners interested in developing a focused Digital Strategy that can be used to inform and implement a Digital Marketing Plan for yourself, your company and/or client.
  • The business owner/manager who wants to learn about how Digital Marketing can be used for their company and/or to be able to have an informed conversation with their website or marketing consultants.
  • Anyone looking to earn a Digital Marketing qualification. There is the option to earn a QQI (formerly FETAC) Level 5 Minor Award on completion of a collection of work (see QQI Certification below). 


Virtual classes take place each Thursday and Friday, 9.30am - 12.30pm.

Instructions to be sent to participants upon registration.


Module 1 – Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Creating a good digital marketing strategy which is integrated into your overall marketing strategy is the first step in ensuring your digital marketing plan supports your business objectives. In this module you will learn the principals of creating a good digital marketing strategy including’

  • Define your business objectives and decide on how your marketing and digital marketing strategy can support these
  • Customer insights; what do you know about your customer
  • Understand the market environment
  • Creating a plan for your target audience

Module 2 – Creating an Effective Website

  • What does good website development look like
  • Creating a good User Experience

Module 3 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • How to maintain and improve your website’s visibility
  • Understanding the key steps to ensuring your website is; found online by customers and converts a large percentage of visitors

Module 4 – Creating a High-Impact Content Strategy

  • Developing content for your audience
  • How to BLOG
  • How to adopt a voice and tone for your brand
  • An introduction to inbound marketing

Module 5 – Creating Live Action Marketing Videos

  • Creating good video content
  • How to distribute your video

Module 6 – Google Ads & Search Engine Marketing

  • How to set up, implement and monitor a Google Ads campaign

Module 7 – Creating Online Display Advertising Campaigns

  • What is online display advertising and what are the various channels
  • Develop an online advertising campaign; pick a format and create your ad, decide where your ads will run, set your budget.
  • Maximising your platforms including the Google Display Network
  • Maximise your audience reach by retargeting and remarketing

Modules 8 & 9 – Social Media Marketing

  • Online PR for your brand
  • Understand and reach your customer on Social Media
  • Effective tools for B2B
  • Effective tools for B2C

Module 10 – Email Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Building and effective database
  • Good database management and GDPR
  • Creating effective content for your email
  • Time and measure your campaign
  • Generating quality inbound leads

Module 11 – Google Analytics & Data-Driven Marketing

  • Generate effective reports
  • How to analyse data
  • Derive useful insights from your data
  • Turn insights into actions to improve website performance

Module 12 – Creating an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan

During this module you will combine all your learnings from the previous modules to create and plan an integrated digital campaign for your organisation as part of your overall marketing plan. You will also learn how to manage your budget and maximise your ROI.

Please note order of modules is subject to change.

Irish Times Training Diploma

Participants who attend a minimum of 10 modules will be awarded an Irish Times Training Diploma in Digital Marketing (in association with the Irish Internet Association).

Digital Marketing QQI (formerly FETAC) Accreditation

If you wish to obtain the Digital Marketing Level 5 Minor Award (5N1364), you are required to complete a collection of work (5 practical assignments) during the course, in addition to a Digital Marketing plan (due 6 weeks after the completion of the course). Minimum attendance requirement is 10 modules. (QQI Accreditation Fee of €50 applicable).

QQI (formerly FETAC) Digital Marketing Level 5 Minor Award (5N1364)
We are a registered QQI centre and offer multiple programmes leading to FETAC qualifications made by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Payment Options

You can book online and pay by credit card or by invoice (company sponsorship only for invoice bookings). We also offer a payment plan option which is three installments over the duration of the course - please contact us directly to arrange.

What Next?

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