Virtual Interviewing & Recruiting

This two-day Interviewing & Recruiting course is designed to direct you through the different stages of the selection process when recruiting and improve your skills when conducting an interview and/or when involved in the interviewing process. The course will ensure you have the ability to score and evaluate candidates effectively and assist you in making confident recruitment decisions.

The training methods employed will centre on a highly interactive environment. You will learn through a combination of short presentations, interactive discussion, individual / group exercises and role-plays structured within a safe learning environment.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for anyone who is involved in the interviewing process; as part of an interviewing board, at initial intake and/or internal promotion interviewing stages.

(If you are preparing for an interview or looking to make a career move and want to develop your skills as an interviewee - please see our 1 day Interviewee Skills course)

Course Overview

  • Key elements of successful interviews and high performers
  • Hiring for potential - how do you spot it?
  • Writing Job Specifications
  • Developing Interview Questions reflecting the job spec and competencies
  • Questioning Techniques and probing question techniques – STAR Model
  • Bias and Employment Equality at Interview
  • Conducting the Interview
    • Interview etiquette – getting it right and the risk of getting it wrong
    • Managing the Interview
    • Scoring and assessment
    • Giving feedback

Participants should prepare for this course by becoming familiar with the job descriptions and person specifications of the jobs they normally interview for and also being aware of the interview system already in place. If possible, participants should bring samples of current or past job specifications for their company.

Key Outcomes

  • Ensure a more professional approach to staff selection
  • Develop an approach to devising the structured interview, ensuring clear guidelines and methods are in place
  • Review and update categories of questions; including competency-based questions
  • Understand the key aspects of employment law within an interview
  • Develop confidence in note taking and selection decisions
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