Virtual Masterclass in Content Marketing

Successful digital marketing strategies today have one thing in common: at the core sits engaging content.

Consumers no longer want to be sold to. Advertisements are losing their power to persuade. In fact, most consumers will have made their decision to purchase your product or service long before contacting you, your website or seeing one of your ads. Their decision is aided by engaging stories and content they find on social media, in their Google searches and that is shared in their digital networks.

During our Masterclass in Content Marketing you will discover how effective storytelling can lead to profitable results and learn how to utilise your existing digital marketing tools to create, promote and measure your content.


  1. The Case For Content
  2. Setting Goals
  3. Buyer Personas & Buyer’s Journey
  4. Understanding Your Voice
  5. Storytelling Tools & Best Practice
  6. Content Mapping & Generation Tips
  7. Measurement

About the facilitator

Evelyn Wolf has a long history of working in the area of content marketing. With a core focus on working with tech and start-ups, Evelyn is focused on attracting the right people online, through valuable marketing strategies and insights. Passionate about marketing, especially inbound, Evelyn is an avid fan of marketing with a magnet and bringing cost effective inbound marketing to start-ups and agencies.

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