Virtual Presentation Skills

Giving a presentation can be both scary and overwhelming. However, almost everyone will have to give a presentation at some point during his or her career.

Our 2 day Presentation Skills course will give you the tools and techniques you need to prepare, practice and deliver impactful presentations to any audience. As well as learning what you should do - you will about the most common presentation pitfalls and how you can avoid them.

This is a highly practical course and our tutor will work with you throughout, to develop the necessary skills through a series of presentations, activities and coursework. During the programme the tutor will video each participant, and provide constructive feedback on each individual presentation. This not only allows you to fine-tune your content and delivery, but also boosts confidence and decreases the fear around presenting.

The course also includes 1 one to one personal coaching sessions within the body of the two days where the tutor will put a particular emphasis on tackling performance anxiety.

At Irish Times Training we can now offer you and your team the opportunity to join this course virtually, along with a range of other courses that our expert trainers are delivering virtually.

If you are interested in this or any of our upcoming courses, or if you wish to discuss a virtual learning solution for your team, please click here.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone looking to improve their practical presentations skills and/or build on their confidence when speaking in public in a professional environment.

Course Overview

  • Learning Theory: The Principles of Learning, The Human Brain, Memory and Recall
  • Structuring and Preparing your Presentation: Identifying your Audience, Structure of the Presentation, Equipment & Visual Aids (including using PowerPoint), Room Set-up
  • Communicating your Message: One way/ two way communication, Barriers to effective communication
  • The Presenter as a Communicator and Communication Style
  • Personal Delivery Skills: Your Voice, Body Language, Mannerisms, Listening Skills, Appearance, Eye Contact, Building Confidence & Overcoming Nerves
  • Discussion Leading / Questioning Techniques
  • Connecting with Your Audience: Getting them involved, Managing the Challenging members
  • Skills Practice

What Past Participants Say...

“Made me feel confident and relaxed. I gained a lot from this course.”

“Found it very practical and useful. Could see a huge improvement over the 2 days.”

"I learned skills I can apply to all types of presentations. Great confidence building!"

“Challenging but very rewarding – felt nervous on day one but with great tips and coaching felt confident in presenting.”

“Brilliant delivery of content – highly knowledgeable instructor who delivered the content in a clear way.”

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