Virtual Receptionist Skills

The role of the Receptionist is key in any organisation. You are often the first person that a client, customer or visitor interacts with when making contact with your organisation, so you are essentially the face and voice of your company. For this reason, you play an extremely important role in the representation of your organisation.

Receptionists need to be resourceful, adaptable, highly organised and of course, great communicators, with the ability to keep calm under pressure and multi-task effortlessly.

On this course, you will learn more about the typical roles & responsibilities of a Receptionist, what skills you need to have (or to improve on) to excel in your role, as well as getting practical advice on what you need to know and what you need to have to be effective in your role.

You will also learn and practice techniques to promote positive language, action words and empathy statements to improve customer relations and promote a positive image for your organisation.

Course Overview

  • Role of Receptionist
  • Time Management: Planning, scheduling, managing priorities & dealing with interruptions
  • Phone Management: Verbal communication techniques, best practice for "On-Hold" calls, managing cultural and language difficulties, taking messages, managing expectations, voicemails
  • Email Management
  • Communication Techniques & Customer Interaction: The Communication Cycle, promoting positive language, verbal and non-verbal communication, barriers to effective communication, two-way communication, dealing effectively with complaints
  • Other areas of responsibility including workspace, post, petty cash and courier management

Key Outcomes

  • Improved understanding of your role and responsibilities
  • More effective and efficient organisational patterns
  • Developed techniques to enhance verbal & written communications
  • Increased confidence in and mechanisms for dealing with with criticism, anger and conflict
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