Why People Fail to Sell

Sometimes learning what not to do is far more useful than trying to follow a theoretical idealistic script.

What Is It?

A fast moving and powerful one day workshop that will make you rethink your approach to selling, to customers, to your impact and much much more. A workshop that will immediately give you a competitive edge and far more success.

Who Is It For?

If you’re in selling, in any industry, at any level, whether reactive, proactive or both then this is for you.

In One Day

It’s a workshop that will allow you understand your impact, understand customers and, most of all, allow you to understand why failure comes. If we understand what doesn’t work, we quickly find what does.

By Whom?

This workshop has been written and will be delivered by Conor Kenny and it’s based on his first book - ‘Sales Tales, true stories of how great sales happen’ described by The Irish Times as“Engaging and light-hearted read that salespeople will relate to.”

Conor is a specialist in sales and marketing and a workshop leader. He is the principal of Conor Kenny & Associates, a training and professional development company for the hospitality and service sector. He is the author of 3 books; ‘It’s Who I Am’ (Irish Times Best Business Books of the Year 2017) ‘Dancing at the Fountain’ (Irish Examiner Best Business Books of the Year 2016) and Sales Tales (2014)’ He is also a regular columnist and commentator on sales and service for many publications nationally and internationally.

The Importance of Selling

Selling is at the heart of every business yet why is it that a lot of sales training goes about this the wrong way? There is no ‘correct’ way to sell. The idea that you can train people to be the perfect salesperson is an illusion. You can’t.

Quite simply, there are too many dynamics, emotions and agendas to squeeze into a one size fits all solution. Each sales situation is unique and the solution to successful selling does not lie in off the peg answers. It lies in being equipped to respond to the unique dynamics of that specific situation.

What’s The Solution?

It lies in understanding many things and especially in why you’re failing to sell as much as you could.

What’s Covered?

Amongst many topics that will be covered are;

  • Your impact
  • Your message
  • Your approach
  • Your listening
  • Your opening
  • Your writing
  • Your words
  • Your follow up
  • Your closing
  • Your mistakes
  • Why you’re not an alternative
  • Why it’s easy to say No to you
  • Why you’ll fail
  • Why you won’t
  • The psychology of a sale
  • Where and why you’re not having an impact
  • What buyers want
  • What motivates buyers
  • What buyers and customers don’t want.

What’s The Outcome?

You’ll come away knowing what not to do and, more importantly, you will;

  • Understand your message
  • Know what the customer or buyer wants
  • How to open
  • How to attract and gain attention
  • How to write more effectively
  • How to be a clear alternative
  • Where you’re strong
  • What needs work and immediate attention
  • How to close effectively
  • How to follow up
  • How to get more sales.

A Recent Testimonial

“Thanks for today, Conor. Really opened my eyes and showed me where I can improve. Some great tips on what not to do/say and how to approach the sale. The psychology aspect is so helpful.”

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