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There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all path to success. That's why we at Irish Times Training will work with you on a four-step approach to develop and co-create training solutions that tackle your organisation's unique goals and challenges. Our industry experts will design a bespoke programme and deliver it live, interactive and online at a time that suits you. Find out what our four-step approach can do for you and your organisation. 

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How Training Can Transform

We help organisations to prepare today's workforce for the workplace of tomorrow by focusing on long-term transferrable skills across a wide variety of disciplines, from communication skills to management and leadership development. 

All of our programmes can be tailored and designed to meet your team's and your organisation's particular business needs. You can browse our full list of courses here and we'll work with you and our expert trainers to create a programme that suits your organisation perfectly.


Keeping You In The Loop

Over more than 40 years we have perfected the Contract Management Process. Our tried and tested account management process guides our on-going engagement with you and also allows for the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the programme, ensuring high levels of satisfaction and ensuring that content is consistently current and up to date.

We keep you in the loop so you can be sure that you and your employees get the most out of your tailor-made plan.

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Why Should You Invest In Training?

Happy Workforce

Support your talent and keep your talent.


Work together to reach your company's goals.

Bright Spark

Define and close the skills gaps in your organisation.

Up To Speed

Learn the latest tools and techniques.

In The Know Nationwide

Over the past three years alone, we have delivered over 2,500 courses across the island of Ireland. Wherever you are based, our industry experts can deliver training to your team live, interactive and online. When possible, they can travel to your company's location and deliver crucial, bespoke training that supports and helps to grow your business.

What do Irish Times Training clients think?

The Diploma in Digital Marketing has equipped me to be more inventive, intuitive and creative in my approach to digital. I'd really recommend the course to anyone looking to be more efficient and effective in their digital efforts.

Joseph Benkanoun

Joseph Benkanoun

Digital Communications Manager,
Great Place to Work

I would highly recommend the Assertiveness Skills course to anyone thinking of doing it and would confidently say that everyone in that room with me for the two day course gained a huge amount from it. 

Jill Mulhern

Jill Mulhern

Client Services Officer,

The assignments challenged me to interrogate my business idea, refine my thinking and to embrace the fact that this is a journey with lots of learning along the way!

Margaret Clapham

Margaret Clapham

Sales Growth

I thought this course was very informative and it really opened my eyes to the endless possibilities to new ways to advertise in today's digital world ......... 

Very enjoyable and informative 2 days which I feel will prove invaluable in the coming months for our team and business.

Educational, engaging, fun. Gives us great workable frameworks.

Very knowledgeable, well-paced, great content.

I gained great insight into professional business writing and learned so much in such a short space of time.

I learned a lot and feel that this will really benefit me in the future. All really applicable to the workplace.

Small group allowed for focused and shared learning. Everyone was keen to get the most from the course. I found it highly beneficial, could link in our business requirements and discuss some points with the trainer. It has really focused my mind on what I want to achieve for our business and what a coach actually provides.

Ian Meagan

Ian Meagan

HR Manager,

Very good introduction to Corporate Governance. Interactive and good mix of interesting case studies. Very thought-provoking and good insight into what one should know about Boards & Directorships.

Relevant, succinct. Good, fresh change with case studies and videos.

The Digital Marketing course was really useful in terms of making sure I am up to date with the latest tools and techniques for online communications. I will definitely apply lots of what I learned in the promotion of both my own business and in my work with clients. 

Martina Quinn

Martina Quinn

Founder / Managing Director,
Alice PR & Events

This has been fantastic for me! Peer learning, communication, delegation, effectiveness and constructively saying no. I couldn't have asked for more out of the course.

Excellent course, very informative and practical and trainer was very approachable.

The tutor explained everything in great detail and had lots of great examples to help me better understand our own accounts.

Clear, effective and interactive. Real-life examples brought the course to life and made it interesting.

Very practical. Forced me to think and reflect on how I behave and on how I can improve my approach to people.

Well structured and excellent presentation, loved the practicality.

Very helpful tips and advice, great questionnaires and role play exercises – very thought provoking.

Very in-depth, covered all areas of recruitment.

Nice pace and structure. Good role playing & break-up of activities – very professional.

Well prepared, well-paced and very practical. I am leaving feeling confident as a result of the “tools” received.

Very engaging with lots of real-life scenario’s I could relate to.

Very clear and actionable learnings, good combination of theory and best practice – thanks for a really interesting and insightful 2 days!

Huge amounts covered in a very simple, informative way.

Really interactive, loads of exercises to test knowledge, lots of opportunities to ask questions.

Very well presented and engaging. Practical tips which I will be able to use both in and out of meetings.


The course was practical and very focused on the subject matter. It was all relevant to what we need for negotiating in our company.

Very collaborative, interactive, comfortable environment. 

I found the interactive aspect of this course surprising and yet the most satisfying part. Role playing and hearing other's experiences really gave me a greater understanding.

Very informative and clearly presented.

Extremely useful for my interview.

Found the trainer to be an excellent facilitator, clearly defined goals and targets set out – found the course very useful and informative.

Made me feel confident and relaxed.

I learned skills I can apply to all types of presentations. Great confidence building!

Challenging but very rewarding – felt nervous on day one but with great tips and coaching felt confident in presenting.

Brilliant delivery of content – highly knowledgeable instructor who delivered the content in a clear way.

Excellent trainer - absolutely a subject matter expert.

Excellent educator. Very structured. Course description is very accurate and delivered on its promise. And yes we had fun too.


Gave me so many tools to help with everyday work life, simple little things that can have a big impact.

Relevant, informative, motivating and easy to understand.

Excellent course – both in structure and delivery! I will be recommending this course to colleagues – very engaging and interesting!

Interactive, interesting, enjoyed the practical elements & how information was delivered.

The course showed me how simple it is to make such small changes that will really benefit managing my time.

Really excellently presented; informative, professional and delivered with enthusiastic energy.

I learnt that everyone struggles with time management not just me. Now I have a framework to work from.

Brilliant – so engaging and provided great opportunities for us to practice what we have learnt.”

Very comprehensive course touching on the psychological and physical essentials for trainer and learner alike.

Everything I had hoped for in terms of delivering training. But beyond that it has also given my personal confidence a big boost.

Very insightful course. Tiernan was excellent and I enjoyed both 1/2 days.

Tim Murnane, Rabobank Dublin

Tim Murnane, Rabobank Dublin


This is one of the best courses I have ever attended which is primarily down to the trainer as well as the content. 

Tiernan was just incredible. His course was just spot on for the entire duration even down to the smallest detail. Most courses fall flat on day 2, this didn't happen here. The way he balanced professionalism, learning and fun was just inspiring.

(The Springboard Entrepreneurs Programme) has been amazing, with very experienced and inspiring contributors, I am delighted I got to participate on it.

Eileen Croghan

Eileen Croghan

It’s an amazing atmosphere to learn and study

Very insightful course. Tiernan was excellent and I enjoyed both 1/2 days.

- Business Writing Skills

Tim Murnane

Tim Murnane

Rabobank Dublin

Really enjoyed it and very useful and practical. Miriam is an excellent facilitator and made the course relevant and enjoyable.

She had an excellent balance between presenting the material and engaging the participants.


Sheila Brosnan

Sheila Brosnan

Fantastic trainer; his attitude to the material and training created such a positive and engaging environment which can be so hard to do on an online training. The time flew by and I learned so much.

Jenny H

Jenny H

Focus Ireland

Really helpful training, my level of prior knowledge was taken into account. Tutor was engaging with participants, practical parts very helpful, I was able to try each new area we were shown and had plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions.

Alva F

Alva F

Irish Prisons Service

Having completed the IHF Digital Marketing Bootcamp in conjunction with Irish Times Training, I can say that the course equipped me with the knowledge and skills required to work successfully in a digital marketing role.
From this course I was very prepared for my next role and the next step in my career. I now work as Marketing Manager and the course has definitely been a positive contribution to this role.

David McMahon

David McMahon

Travelodge Ireland

It is a great course! Very enjoyable and I learned a lot. It has actually given me the confidence to further my studies.

Audrey Rossa

Audrey Rossa

I found it really insightful and it was also great that it was a small group as I found the scenarios were really personalised to myself and the company I work for.




I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the trainers to be very engaging and the content covered extensive

M Horan

M Horan

Loved the course, loved the content and loved the tutors, all really nice people and very accommodating, overall the course left me wanting more or another week.

G Hearns

G Hearns

I really enjoyed the training day and the small group made for a very pleasant experience. The content delivered by Simon was very informative and I felt he put everyone at ease from the very start.

Seán Collum

Seán Collum

I believe that the course will assist me in ensuring that all my work colleagues feel respected and safe in their workplace.


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