Perfecting personal effectiveness

Personal effectiveness is all about using resources efficiently. Time, money, staff. It’s all about getting the job done in the most straightforward way possible.

In a smooth-running business, high levels of personal effectiveness are found on every team.

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Personal Effectiveness courses with Irish Times Training

Crystal clear communication skills

Communication skills are central to how you interact with people inside and outside your company.

Professional relationships, customer satisfaction, internal reports, team work.... Make all of them better when you’re a better communicator.

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How Can Irish Times Training Help?

Irish Times Training provides a variety of courses focusing on personal effectiveness and communication skills.

After assessing your needs and those of your business one of our industry-experienced trainers will support your learning and ensure that you have the practical tools you need to progress.

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Communication skills with Irish Times Training

Why are personal effectiveness & communications important?

Make Your Workflow Smoother

Improve Business Efficiency

Nurture Positive Relationships

Building team skills with Irish Times Training

Find and Close Your Skills Gap

Get exactly what your team needs with a tailor-made course. Co-created with you to help tackle your team's unique goals and challenges. 

Request a callback to find out more about our tailor-made service and to discuss co-creating training solutions for your organisation.

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What do Irish Times Training clients think?

I gained great insight into professional business writing and learned so much in such a short space of time.

I learned a lot and feel that this will really benefit me in the future. All really applicable to the workplace.

Very insightful course. Tiernan was excellent and I enjoyed both 1/2 days.

Tim Murnane, Rabobank Dublin

Tim Murnane, Rabobank Dublin


This is one of the best courses I have ever attended which is primarily down to the trainer as well as the content. 

Tiernan was just incredible. His course was just spot on for the entire duration even down to the smallest detail. Most courses fall flat on day 2, this didn't happen here. The way he balanced professionalism, learning and fun was just inspiring.

Well prepared, well-paced and very practical. I am leaving feeling confident as a result of the “tools” received.

Very engaging with lots of real-life scenario’s I could relate to.


The course was practical and very focused on the subject matter. It was all relevant to what we need for negotiating in our company.

Excellent course – both in structure and delivery! I will be recommending this course to colleagues – very engaging and interesting!

Interactive, interesting, enjoyed the practical elements & how information was delivered.

Fantastic trainer; his attitude to the material and training created such a positive and engaging environment which can be so hard to do on an online training. The time flew by and I learned so much.

Jenny H

Jenny H

Focus Ireland

The course showed me how simple it is to make such small changes that will really benefit managing my time.

Really excellently presented; informative, professional and delivered with enthusiastic energy.

I learnt that everyone struggles with time management not just me. Now I have a framework to work from.

I would highly recommend the Assertiveness Skills course to anyone thinking of doing it and would confidently say that everyone in that room with me for the two day course gained a huge amount from it. 

Jill Mulhern

Jill Mulhern

Client Services Officer,

This has been fantastic for me! Peer learning, communication, delegation, effectiveness and constructively saying no. I couldn't have asked for more out of the course.


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