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Irish Times Training: Delivering meaningful, impactful courses through Springboard+

Irish Times Training Springboard+ courses for 2022 and 2023


Delivering meaningful, impactful courses through Springboard+

For many years we have delivered valuable, impactful courses as part of the Springboard+ and HCI Pillar 1 initiatives, and we're very proud to be doing so again this year.

Our courses are delivered in partnership with Ulster University Business School, with full academic support, offering tangible pathways for graduates to progress their careers.

Springboard+ courses are co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union, and participants can avail of accredited qualifications for 10% of the actual cost if they are in employment; eligible learners currently not in employment can avail of full funding.
Human Capital Initiative Pillar 1 (HCIP) is funded by the National Training Fund.

This year's Springboard+ courses

The courses we will deliver this year offer Postgraduate Level 9 qualifications in the following areas:

Understanding International Business

This programme leads to a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development.
The post-Brexit business environment is proving challenging for individuals, teams and organisations; what worked in the past may not prove fruitful in the future and businesses are faced with new ways of working, new technological developments and new collaborative practices. The Digital Transformation module of this course specifically addresses the need to adapt and utilise technology as a tool for future business sustainability. 

Enabling Business Resilience

This programme leads to a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development.
The programme, which is aimed at enabling participants to develop Business Resilience, was developed in response to the impact of Covid-19 on the workforce and is an opportunity for those negatively impacted to up-skill or reskill to help them seek employment or re-evaluate their current business practice in light of a changing business environment. The programme's overall aim is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage and lead in private, voluntary, and public domains. The programme will focus on the practical application of ideas, knowledge, and methods within the context of the new business environment with a focus on up-skilling to help rebuild business and careers.

Fintech Management

The Fintech Management programme leads to a Postgraduate Certificate in Global Capital Markets, and has been designed to meet the skills demand that is present in the financial services sector. This programme is aimed at participants looking to move into a career in the Financial Services industry, or to progress in their current role by acquiring third level knowledge of Global Capital Markets with particular emphasis on Fintech. 

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