Digital Transformation for Leaders

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Digital Transformation for Leaders

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The Digital Revolution

Just as the Industrial Revolution changed societies and altered the work people did, the Digital Revolution has similarly changed how people communicate, shop, work and live. 

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Digital Transformation for Leaders

About the course

Irish enterprises are feeling the pressure to transform, but are not sure how to go about it, while many are unsure as to why they should.

In recent years, some companies have been guilty of imposing a digital veneer on an analogue business without considering what the customer wants by rushing into digital developments without really asking why they need them.

The Digital Transformation for Leaders programme aims to give senior business leaders an appreciation and understanding of exactly what they are trying to achieve in order to undertake a digital transformation in line with their unique culture and strategy. The overall aim being to equip participants with key questions and tools that should be considered to ensure the successful implementation of a digital transformation strategy.

This programme is delivered in partnership with Beta Digital, professional digital consultants with real-world experience in running Digital Transformation initiatives across multiple sectors, industries and markets.

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Digital transformation skills from Irish Times Training

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Get exactly what your team needs with a tailor-made Digital Transformation programme. Co-created with you to help tackle your team's unique goals and challenges.

In addition to this 1-day intensive programme for senior executives, we deliver a tailor-made 2-3 day programmes for department heads and programme leaders in-house. This would be more in-depth, involving breakout sessions and deeper discovery.

Request a callback to find out more about our tailor-made service and to discuss co-creating training solutions for your organisation.

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Course content

Strategy & Development skills from Irish Times Training

Course content

  • Digital transformation, concepts, methods and tools
  • Using a digital transformation framework 
  • Digitalisation, Competitiveness & Adaptions
  • The Theory of Digital Maturity
  • Assessing digital maturity
  • Industry player's digital position
  • Prioritised waves of change
  • Taking account of overall strategy
  • Determining digital destination
  • Devising a transformation plan
  • How to measure success

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Who should attend

This course is intended for senior executives and programme leaders who want to strengthen their personal understanding of how to run complex digital transformations. It will be relevant for leaders of both small and large organisations, programme managers and consultants.

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A Certificate of Attendance can be supplied in soft-copy and/or hard-copy on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

No pre-preparation is required for this course.


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