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HealthTech Ireland announces Irish Times Training as official training provider



HealthTech Ireland have announced the appointment of Irish Times Training as official training provider to the association members.

HealthTech Ireland is an independent trade association for manufacturers, developers and distributors of health technology products and solutions to the health system in Ireland. The association provides a forum for the development and advocacy of policies that support innovation in health technology to address patients’ healthcare needs. Member companies of the association include the full spectrum of health technology supply and service companies from Small/Medium Employers to Multi-National Companies, many of whom have Research and Innovation and /or manufacturing facilities in Ireland.

Members of HealthTech Ireland provide safe, effective and innovative health technologies that save and enhance lives, benefiting people and society.
If a health product is proven to be safe, clinically efficacious and cost-effective patients should have access to it, no question.

HealthTech Ireland is a member of MedTech Europe and of Global Medical Technology Alliance.


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